Whip up Breakfast Easily With This Breakfast Machine

Don’t you just wish that there is an easy way to cook breakfast? Waking up hungry especially when you are not a morning person is such a hassle that sometimes, we just choose to skip it overall. We tell ourselves that a cup of coffee is enough but it really isn’t. In fact, breakfast is “the most important meal of the day.” It replenishes the glucose in your body to boost your energy levels and alertness, as well as other essential nutrients to keep you healthy.

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Screen Shot 2021 05 24 at 9.32.16 PM With this multifunction breakfast machine from Shopee, you can quickly whip up breakfast! Some easy-to-prepare recipes still require much time and effort because you have to do them separately or one by one. However, this multi-cooker has all you need to prepare a delicious meal in the morning and you can do them all at once.

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Screen Shot 2021 05 24 at 9.31.44 PM

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The Deerma ZC10 Multifunction Breakfast Machine is a sandwich and waffle maker, a toaster, a steamer, and a fryer! It comes with an egg ring, a steaming basket with a cover, and a pan. Plus, it only measures approximately 10.87 by 11.46 by 7.32 inches so it also won’t take that much space. 😉

Screen Shot 2021 05 24 at 9.32.31 PM

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Never miss breakfast again with this multifunction breakfast machine! Know someone who needs this? Tag them in the comments. 😉

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