Which Man Pomade Product Would Suit Your Hairstyle Best?

We men are always delicate when it comes to our hair. Even when our girlfriends or crushes try to touch our hair for just the slightest bit, we tend to be evasive and sometimes get mad.

We all have our own unique roster of hairstylists in mind when it’s time for that once or twice a month haircut. Every one of them comes with a distinct type of hairstyle we’d get, so that we’re sure to get the exact haircut we want, as well. Not an inch longer or a strand shorter.

Now that we’ve got that haircut we want, comes another problem: the hair product. Most of us tend to go for the usual hair products we see at the mall or the supermarket, even if we all know that they’re not really getting the style we want. So I scoured the web to find a solution for this. That’s when I found Man Pomade.

Man Pomade

Man Pomade has four different types of hair products. Each one of them has a unique scent and goes for a specific type of hairstyle.Man Pomade 1

Man Pomade Stun has a matte finish, a very strong hold and a pineapple scent. What I love about this product is that it’s water-based, which means it’s easy to rinse off, unlike other hair products of its kind.

Man Pomade 2Man Pomade Classic Urban Men has a tight hold with a hint of shine and a sweet orange-y scent. This is perfect if you love a slightly shiny finish on your hair with a tight hold. This is water-based, as well, so you can rinse it off easily.

Man Pomade 4Man Pomade Suave Light is an oil-based product with a light hold and a greater shine than the Classic. This one has a comforting cherry scent. Great for people who love to restyle their hair throughout the day.

Man Pomade 3Man Pomade Hard Head is another oil-based product with a tight hold, but with lesser shine than the Suave. This one comes with a comforting cherry scent, as well. Perfect for the slick and shiny hair you want without losing the styling you did when applied.

Their products are really good for the hair, especially the water-based ones. There’s less hassle when it comes to rinsing it off your hair, which means less stress and ;less damage done. Yes, you can keep your hair healthy without losing style. The hold is very nice and the scent lasts till the next day, as well – a big plus since other hair products tends to make your hair stink throughout the day.

Man Pomade has really solved a lot of problems we’re facing with other brands. It’s definitely something you should check out!

Man Pomade

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