10 Places to Order Extremely Soft, Leveled Up Ube Cheese Pandesal

Ube cheese pandesal is a trend that hasn’t died down at all yet. In fact, so many stores offer them now that it can be hard to decide where to order them from. Well, we’ve discovered 10 online stores in different areas of the Metro that can cater to your ube cheese pandesal cravings in the best way possible.

All of these stores offer flavorful, heavenly, and extremely soft ube cheese pandesal that you are sure to love. Plus, some of them have extra flavors and extra fillings to really keep you satisfied. Check them out:

10 Places to Order Extremely Soft, Leveled Up Ube Cheese Pandesal

10. MJ Bakeshoppe (@mj_bakeshoppe)


Location: Meycauayan, Bulacan and Metro Manila

MJ Bakeshoppe gets its name from the owners Marie Jean, Marikris, and Marifel Jusayan. Although they started by selling homemade egg pies, they have since expanded to sell all sorts of home baked breads and pastries.

Since there is an ube cheese pandesal trend at the moment, they tried to invent their own recipe that captures the taste of the public by being soft, freshly baked, and not too sweet. If your sweet tooth doesn’t stand out too much, this is the perfect ube cheese pandesal for you. Since their main product is their egg pie, though; make sure to try that out, too!

9. Moon Child PH (@moonchildcookie)

Location: Manila

Photo from Moon Child PH

Lea is a 32-year-old wife and mother, as well as the chef and baker behind The Southern Kitchen and Moon Child PH. Initially, this brainchild of hers started out of necessity since her husband lost his source of income as an airline pilot due to the pandemic. “We needed to get creative with our time so given my background in the culinary arts, we decided to dabble in the food industry,” she explains. Their ultimate goal is to cook and bake food that everybody will love and will want to eat time and time again.

Everything that comes out of Lea’s kitchen is of the best quality. From the ingredients to the time and effort put into every dish, this homemaker-turned-baker treats every dish as a masterpiece. Their ube cheese pandesal is inspired by the classic, but it still has a unique texture and look. What makes it special is the fact that they get their ube halaya from Lea’s hometown: San Pablo, Laguna. I especially love this particular pandesal because of its size. It’s just the right size for someone who doesn’t eat a lot (like me)… though you’re always free to have a few of them if you’d like.

8. LaViestdale (@laviestdale)


Location: Muntinlupa

Photo from La Viestdale

The name ‘LaViestdale’ is a combination of the French expression “La Vie Est Belle” (meaning “Life is Beautiful”) and the owner’s name, Dale. After his mom became cancer-free last year, she became Dale’s inspiration to go after for his dream of baking. After introducing his own ube cheese pandesal at the end of 2019 and receiving heaps of wonderful comments and feedback, Dale kept on giving his best, even catering to big events like weddings and birthdays. “Giving back to the community is such a pleasure for me,” he adds.

La Viestdale’s ube cheese pandesal is extremely soft and fluffy, and loaded with creamy ube halaya and melted cheese that overflow with every bite. The secret ingredient lies in the dough itself, which comes from an old family recipe. Dale also ensures that he only uses high quality cheese and ube for his stuffing. Of course, it is also filled with extra love that will make you keep wanting more.

7. L&L Treats (@landltreats)


Location: Caloocan

L&L Treats started out in 2016 as a hobby. L&L stands for Louise and Lara, the first names of the two owners who became friends at church and who have a passion for baking. Louise and Lara started baking because they wanted to surprise their friends on special occasions. During quarantine, they made the most of their time and tried out different recipes before deciding to focus on their two ube cheese pandesal variants. So far, they have already baked more than 11,000 buns!

L&L’s ube cheese pandesals are different because they have been upgraded using cream cheese and Quickmelt. They wanted their bread to be a blend of sweet and a little tangy (cream cheese), and sweet and a little salty (Quickmelt). Both variants have a very soft texture and a generous amount of filling: a combination of their special ube halaya and cream cheese or Quickmelt cheese. Hindi ito tinipid! At only Php150 for 10 buns, every bite is definitely worth the price.

6. Mamay’s Treats (@mamays.treats)


Location: Makati

Photo from Mamay’s Treats

A former banker whose passion for cooking and baking was always put on hold, this now-stay-at-home mom finally has more time to cook and bake for her kids. A self-taught baker, Mamay (which is what her kids call her) took months before opening because she wanted to perfect her food first. After several trials, she finally achieved the flavors and form that she likes, and people are constantly raving about her food now.

If you want a fresh out-of-the-oven experience, this is the ube cheese pandesal to try. Although this is the first time Mamay has ever made bread in her life, she believes that theirs is one of the best out there. Their pandesal is all handmade, kneaded by hand, and home baked on the same day as the pickup day. Mamay also makes her own ube jam for the pandesal, so the flavors are unique to their shop.

5. J&V Homebake (@jack_arenas)

Location: Las Piñas

This is one of my favorite ube cheese pandesals because it is also one of the only ones I know close to me (I live in Parañaque) that really offers super soft and super flavorful ube cheese goodness. They also offer pandan desal, which (as the name suggests) is a pandan pandesal. It’s green in color and oh-so-cute and also oh-so-delicious!

4. NDulge (@ndulge__)


Location: Quezon City

Photo from NDulge

Ndulge Bakery is a home-based family-owned business offering scrumptious and affordable ube pandesals with different fillings. That’s right! They don’t just offer ube cheese pandesal; they also offer macapuno, coco jam, custard, cheese with halaya, and salted egg with custard! San ka pa?

Their business started in May during the pandemic when they tried baking the trending ube pandesal and ended up satisfied with the results. The next day, they decided to sell them; and to this day, they are surprised by the public’s support for their mini passion project. Ndulge’s pandesals are freshly baked everyday with a lot of love, hard work, and passion. They also have a sister company called @staple.coffee for your coffee needs.

3. Jona’s Pastry Shop


Location: Pasig

Photo from Jona’s Pastry Shop

Jona is a self-taught baker who has been baking for years now, but her learning hasn’t stopped as she continues to research and self-study. Inspired by her mother-in-law’s recipes, Jona has tweaked her products to what works and what doesn’t, placing them in the market for everybody to enjoy.

After developing and selling ube cheese pandesal, however, Jona realized that she had to make her products stand out from the rest. That’s why she developed their Premium and Supreme variants, which basically have more cheese and ube fillings for the ultimate overload of flavors in your mouth. Even the dough of these variants has been tweaked for extra softness.

Jona’s Pastry Shop bakes their products fresh everyday with high quality ingredients, so all of the elements of freshness – the aroma, the softness, and the flavor – are at their peak. Jona believes that they are the first to develop ube cheese pandesal with butter cream and powder that is extra soft and with so much filling. (The prices are reasonable, too!) They also have other products available, including cassava bars, food for the gods, and lemon and red velvet crinkles; so make sure to check them out!

2. Angelyn’s Sweet Treats (@angelynssweettreats)


Location: Manila

Photo from Angelyn’s Sweet Treats

Angelyn’s Sweet Treats consists of a team of two: Angelyn Elagor and her fiancé Hansson Labisig. The concept of Angelyn’s Sweet Treats started when Angelyn started baking to relieve herself of the pressure and stress from law school. Although she had no previous experience in baking, she started to learn the skill on her own to break the monotony of studying. With her fiancé by her side and after taste-tasting dozens of baked goods together, they finally took a step forward and opened an online store with the goal of one day opening a mall kiosk. As of writing, they have sold and donated hundreds of cookies and other baked goods.

Angelyn’s Sweet Treats recently added ube cheese pandesal to their menu because they loved it so much but the store that they usually bought it from was always sold out. Every product that they make is done with a lot of dedication, passion, and commitment – traits that improve their baking products everyday as they listen to their customers and grow from their comments. Make sure to try out their other goodies, as well – especially their cookies!

1. Maria’s Kitchen (@mariaskitchen_ph)


Level up! Level up your food experience while improving the lives of a community in Luisiana, Laguna. Just by adding a…

Posted by Maria's Kitchen on Thursday, July 9, 2020

Maria’s Kitchen takes the top spot not just for their delicious ube cheese pandesal, but also their pandan packaging which is made by their neighbors in Luisiana, Laguna. Due to the pandemic, many of their kabarangays lost their jobs, so they decided to use their pandan packaging for their ube cheese pandesal and other cake products.

Through this initiative, they have already been able to provide additional income for 15 families, and they are hoping to help more families in the days to come. For more information, please feel free to contact them. By adding a small amount to cover the cost of their eco-friendly and reusable food-packaging, you can help feed a community. How great is that? We love brands with a heart!

What’s your go-to store for ube cheese pandesal?

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