Here’s Where You Can Get Fortune Cookies in Manila

Fortune cookies aren’t as popular here as they are in other countries, for some reason. So when I found out that Seriously, Cookies? had them, I practically jumped for joy.

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Fortune cookies are basically thin folded cookies that have slips of paper in them with either a fortune, a quote, or a funny statement in them. They are typically available after meals at Chinese restaurants abroad. Now, we have found a place that sells them right here in Manila – perfect for Chinese New Year or even anytime you may want fortune cookies with your meals. They proved to be a huge hit with my family, but I’ll get to that later.

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Seriously, Cookies? is the brainchild of 18-year-old student Miguel Sevilla who was able to develop his passion for baking and enterprise after spending a lot of time at home. Seriously, Cookies? is an ECQ baby that initially launched on Mother’s Day during the pandemic.

It all started with the simple idea of joining the wave of home-based cookie businesses in the Metro. The original plan was to create cookies that were different from those already present in the market. “I wanted to break the norm and explore the unknown for my cookies,” Miguel shares. To do this, he releases a new flavor every week that he hopes will excite his customers. “This is inspired by my family’s obsession with watching TV series and Kdramas,” he adds. “My life is filled with a series of events and experiences that is portrayed in each cookie episode.”


Last year, Miguel had the bold idea of making fortune cookies to welcome the New Year. “I believe that fortune cookies bring out a unique sense of relief and a sense of comfort that one could never get from other cookie variations,” Miguel explains. “The feeling of trying to guess your own fortune never gets boring/old since it is a bit of an escape from reality. I believe that now it is the perfect time to shake the bad energy off by cracking some Lucky Fortunes and witness what the universe is trying to say to us.”

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As mentioned earlier, the fortune cookies from Seriously, Cookies? were a huge hit with my family! They didn’t want to stop at one each per meal. They just wanted to crack them all open and read all of their fortunes all while munching on the delicious flavors that the brand has to offer because yes, each color has a different flavor.

The flavors were inspired by the traditions, cultures, and foods usually observed during Chinese New Year. The Joy Luck Fortune Cookie is inspired by the most celebrated color amongst Chinese (and also amongst Asians), the lucky red which is said to bring luck and prosperity. The Balance Fortune Cookie, which gets its stunning cerulean color from butterfly pea blossoms, aims to keep the blues away.

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Photo from Seriously, Cookies?

I won’t spoil it for you, but each order comes with a sheet that will tell you the meaning of each colored cookie, and it is a fun experience to be had. Also, I tried a bite of each color and they are all delicious! They’re crunchy, too! Whether you want to get some for Chinese New Year or simply want to stock up on them to make mealtime more fun for your kids or your entire family, I would highly recommend ordering from Seriously, Cookies?. You will not regret it!

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