#WhenInManilaOOTD: Meet the 8 Fashionistas for July!

WhenInManila.com recently reached 1.5 million followers on Facebook! We really appreciate how these followers are so active in commenting on the stories that we publish. To celebrate this milestone, we’re hoping to include more stories from and about the WhenInManila.com readers and members. We’ve previously featured the top female and male fashion bloggers from the Philippines. This time, we want to feature YOU!

We asked our readers and contributors to use the hashtag #wheninmanilaootd and #wheninmanila, and also asked them to tag @wheninmanila in their Instagram posts. Here are some of our favorites among those who joined this July!

From the WhenInManila.com Readers

8.) Erika Rosales

Erika Rosales is a 19-year-old introvert taking up BS Accountancy at De La Salle University – Manila. She always loved fashion, but only launched her blog, Style and Sundry, in March 2014. Contrary to her mostly black and mostly striped wardrobe, she also likes blue, and pattern, houndstooth.

Fashion Blogger Erika Rosales 1

Fashion Blogger Erika Rosales 2

Fashion Blogger Erika Rosales 3Please describe your own personal style.

I believe my personal style is very versatile. Actually, I like to call it “versa-style” in my head. I grab inspiration from different trends, experiment sometimes, and usually get stuck in certain ‘phases’. Currently, I am more of a basic dresser; before that, I had my “Luanna Perez” (I love her—she’s so effortlessly chic!) phase which was more of edgy and vintage. I just can never be pinned to one style forever!

If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why?

Hygienic concerns aside (jk), I could probably just wear my comfy pair of dark-wash high-waisted jeans everyday. It’s pretty basic so I can wear it with just about anything, and channel different styles. Even the slight difference of tucking-in my top would create a whole new look. Plus, it’s neutral-colored so it wouldn’t be noticed much if I were repeating it haha!

What is your favorite local clothing brand OR who is your favorite Filipino fashion designer?

Michael Cinco would definitely be my favorite Filipino fashion designer. His designs are just so flamboyant, yet sophisticated! I totally love the sweeping silhouettes of his designs, and the romantic touch. And don’t even get me started on the details— the beadwork and everything are so intricate!


Instagram: @_erikarosales


7.) Katherine Annika

Katherine is a proud Cebuana and is the blogger behind Nested Thoughts. Her blog is simply a quirky and upbeat manifestation of what and who she is all about. It includes her personal style, aesthetics/general design, cats, food, literature, tutorials, and more.

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Fashion Blogger Katherine Annika 3

1.) Please describe your own personal style. 
Currently, I have been obsessing over black, white and gray colored wardrobes. I usually go for a laid-back outfit but still try to look sleek and not too under dressed at the same time. I can say that monochromatic outfits best suit my style and that wearing a single shade is a simpler and cleaner approach to putting an outfit together but just as striking as wearing color blocked or bold patterned outfits.
2.) If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why? 
If I had to wear it everyday then I’d prefer something comfortable and laid back which would be a not-so-oversized white scoop tee and to complete the look, I would match it with a pair of black jeggings and boots. There is really something reassuring about clean, simple black-and-white, especially when it’s organized into grids, stripes, and figure-flattering vertical planes. Working with the monochrome look is so easy and that I can say that black and white make the perfect pair. Also, almost anything white or black can be paired with anything in your wardrobe because for me, they are are two flexible colors that can be matched with (almost) anything. There’s something about black that makes it iconic making it the reason why I am more of a black lover than I am of white.
3.) What is your favorite local clothing brand OR who is your favorite Filipino fashion designer? 
We only have a handful of legit clothing brands in the Philippines, and so far my fav is Penshoppe. It has already reached a wide variety of endorsers and not to mention they also have high quality items just like the international brands that we’re used to.
Instagram: @katherineannika
Facebook: https://facebook.com/nestedthoughts

6.) Etienne Chantal

Etienne is a  21-year-old (style and lifestyle) blogger from Cebu who has decided to take the risk, and enjoy the ride and occasional rewards, of sharing bits and pieces of my life and passions through multimedia.

Fashion Blogger Etienne Chantal1

Fashion Blogger Etienne Chantal2

Fashion Blogger Etienne Chantal3

1.) Please describe your own personal style.
I think there is really only one way to describe my personal style, and that is that it’s evolving. Looking back, I see that my personal style has gone through very distinct changes and this is where we see how fashion is a reflection of our lives. An evolving personal style is just another way of saying that my fashion sense and style changes and grows with me. At the moment though, my style is very basic and classic, consisting almost entirely of essential pieces. Even when I try out new trends, I get “trendy” pieces in shades of blacks, whites, and grays so that everything remains classic.
2.) If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why?  
A basic tee — one in black, white, or gray. Hahaha! People describe several items of clothing as essential pieces that can be worn in an infinite number of ways but this is never more true than with the basic tee. 
3.) What is your favorite local clothing brand or who is your favorite Filipino fashion designer? 
I don’t own pieces from all brands but I definitely love to shop at Pink manila, Asto Group, Neon Island, and Shop Cooper.
Website: https://www.etiennechantal.com/
Facebook: fb.com/etiennechantal
Instagram: @etiennechantal
Twitter: @echennnn
Snapchat: @etiennechantal
Youtube: youtube.com/EtienneChantalCodina

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