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Big companies invest in thoughtfully designed ads, logos, and marketing campaigns to build up their name and set them apart. In the same way, having a distinct sense of style helps in building up your very own personal branding. There should be no shame in being meticulous and thoughtful about how we dress up. If you need a dose of inspiration, let these ten Filipino menswear bloggers give you some ideas! Learn about their sense of style, their favorite wardrobe essentials, and some fun facts about them.

10.) Sef Tiburcio

Male Fashion Bloggers Sef TIburcio1

Male Fashion Bloggers Sef TIburcio2

My sense of style ranges from casual, preppy to nautical looks. Most of my clothes are basic and stripes types. I rarely have printed clothes in my closets because I find it hard to mix and match with some of my pieces.

If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why? 

I think it will be my white tee. Of all the basic clothes I have, this type of palette is easy to style. I can easily partner it with different type of shorts, pants and outerwear without trying too hard to look stylish.
Fun Facts about Sef:
– Sef was once a member of the FEU Pep Squad. When he took the June 2009 Nursing Licensure Exam, Sef ranked 13 out of ALL the examinees!
Facebook: The Style Show
Instagram: @seftiburcio
Twitter: @seftiburcio

9.) Stephen Garcia

Male Fashion Bloggers Stephen Garcia 1

Male Fashion Bloggers Stephen Garcia 2

I’m the kind of guy who wants to experiment and creating a new “image” in fashion. I don’t depend on what’s “in” to the fashion trend. Basically, my style depends on the weather and the place where I’ll be going to on that day. For example, I’ll go to BGC and it’s a gloomy weather, I would wear some basic shirts, plaid button down or sweater matching them with sneakers or boots then I’ll bring a leather or denim jacket in my rucksack bag so if the weather gets colder, I have it inside my bag.
If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why? 
One essential I would choose to wear everyday is a button down shirt. For me, button down shirt is versatile in all aspects in fashion. Why? It could be for casual, sporty, formal or a classy look. I can pull it off and just wear it even the weather is unpredictable. We just need to choose the right pieces for each kinds of style.
Fun Facts about Stephen:
– Stephen maintains his blog with the help of his girlfriend, fellow blogger Sarah Delluta. “She’s usually the one who takes my outfit shots, giving me ideas on what to write on my blog posts and helping me to promote my blog,” he shared.
Instagram: @stphngrcia/
Twitter: @stphngrcia

8.) Ira Giorgetti

Ira Giorgetti Ira Giorgetti 2 Ira Giorgetti 3 Ira Giorgetti 4

My personal style is a modest blend of eclectic and functional, with classic silhouettes matched with wild colors and accessories. I try my best never to constrain myself to any single particular style, although I draw a lot of inspiration from punk, millennial pop culture, and a little bit of goth tossed into the mix. I often try to mix and match my styles between time periods, and I sometimes theme my looks according to my current interests (could be anything from a special kind of Japanese burger to an episode of American Horror Story!) If I had to pick my favorite designers, they would have to be Gareth Pugh, Riccardo Tisci, and Christopher Bailey.
If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why?
I don’t think that there’s one single piece of clothing I’d wear everyday, but if I could choose an item I’d choose my Apple Watch if only for the fact that it keeps me from being on my phone every five minutes!
Fun Facts about Ira:
– Ira is both a fashion blogger and a photographer. He even got a certificate degree for Portraiture from the University of the Arts London: Central Saint Martins campus!
– He was also a contestant on MEGA Fashion Crew in Season 1 under the Photographers category.
Instagram: @iraisavampire
Lookbook: https://lookbook.nu/iraisavampire

7.) Miko Carreon

Male Fashion Bloggers Miko Carreon 1

My style’s inspired from different hybrid cultures and inspirations I’ve been through in my life. sometimes I can be preppy, sometimes I love wearing sporty outfits, sometimes I love wearing hip-hop urban street styles and sometimes I just wear something I can see inside my closet and just work it out. I guess my personal style is not how I style myself in a certain kind of way but how I carry these different styles and inspire others. I even sometimes mix both styles in one. 

If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why? 

It would be my black Dr. Marten’s loafers because it matches everything! 
Fun Facts about Miko:

– Apart from being a blogger, Miko is a college student and a dancer. He’s currently training for the World Hip-hop Dance Championship this August!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestylearchitect1
Instagram: @mikocarreon
Twitter: @mikocarreon

6.) Seph Cham

Male Fashion Bloggers Seph Cham1

Male Fashion Bloggers Seph Cham2

My personal style is actually based on the weather of Manila, a mix of minimalist, laid-back and street. Usually, colors are my accents particularly when I opted for a minimalistic outfit. Through this, I am able to make my outfit look more stylish and appealing.

If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why?

If I were to choose one essential item in my wardrobe for my every day get-up, it would be a plain white t-shirt, because I can wear it with any style: from classic to rugged to formal. Also, pairing it with any color is an easy peasy thing to do. 

Fun Facts about Seph:

– Seph has done modeling for  ramps and print ads. Now, apart from blogging, he is working on fulfilling another one of his goals: becoming a successful businessman.

Website: josephcham.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blog.josephcham

Instagram: @sephcham

Twitter: @sephcham

Online store on Instagram: @sephcham_shop

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