#WhenInManilaOOTD: 10 Male Fashion Bloggers in the Philippines You Should Follow

5.) Lance de Ocampo

Male Fashion Bloggers Lance1

Male Fashion Bloggers Lance2

My personal style is very random. I don’t have specific style, like I’m not focusing into basics, dapper look, and other looks. Some people say that my look is very versatile. Because as you can see on my blog my styles are mixed up. But most of the time, my style is more on streetstyle. Not too edgy at the same time not too basic. Because I like layering clothes and mix it with few prints to make the whole look happy and not look boring.
If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why?
That would be my denim jacket. Because I’m really into denim jackets and I find it easy to pair with other outfit and denim jackets are very versatile. You can pull it off in any looks. It may be edgy look, streetstyle, formal, dapper and many more.  
Some fun facts about Lance
– Lance shared that his taste in fashion has changed. “My readers always say that my outfits are getting mature looking and for me I take that as a compliment.”
Website: https://www.lancedeocampo.com/
Facebook: fb.com/lancedeocampo
Instagram: @lancedeocampo
Twitter: @lancedeocampo
Snapchat: @lancexdeocampo

4.) Michael Macalos

Male Fashion Bloggers Michael Macalos 1

Male Fashion Bloggers Michael Macalos 2

My personal style is experimental and cutting-edge, with a mixture of effortless vibe to it. I love pushing the boundaries of menswear dressing or should I say, how a guy should dress or style his clothes. I think my blog “Contemporaryboy.com” has given me the opportunity to just experiment and experiment with clothes, to establish that uniqueness and be free with my clothing choices. It’s the most rewarding feeling that any fashion blogger can have.
If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why?
A well-tailored jacket. I can’t live without my jackets, they’re an essential piece to me. More important than a basic white shirt. If you own a tailored jacket, the styling is endless, pair it with a basic shirt, and you’re good to, style it with the most ragged or worn out jeans, you’ll still look cool and okay. Just remember that it should flatters your body type and be very careful in choosing the right colors. 
Fun Facts about Michael
– Michael gives talks to other fellow students. “I don’t have any awards or title yet in the blogging industry unlike other bloggers here, but I have inspired and motivate the youth through my talks/seminars about fashion blogging and making the most out of their life even though they’re still studying.  
Instagram: @michaelmacalos 
Twitter: @michaelmacalos 

3.) Robbie Becroft

Male Fashion Bloggers Robbie Becroft 1

I got this black and white OOTD that I shot just recently with renowned photographer Mark Nicdao.

Male Fashion Bloggers Robbie Becroft 2

Shooting with that guy has been an awesome experience understanding more about photography and making me realize how awesome black and white photos are.

Male Fashion Bloggers Robbie Becroft 3

Simplicity, versatility. I try to stick with simple everyday outfits whether it would be wearing a button up, plain tee, black skinny jeans. I always like to have my days where I’ll throw on something unusual just to change things up and mix-and-match. I find it’s always best to dress for the particular occasion and more so spend money appropriately on the best basics that would last the longest.
If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why?
Most likely just my black leather Zara lace-ups. They’re schoolboy shoes but personally I know why I’ve always felt the need to never forget them. Can be worn just anywhere, anytime and I love a good click of a heel just so it reminds me that I’m in the building haha, hypothetically.
Fun Facts about Robbie:
– Robbie shares some of his personal achievements. “Being able to collab with recognized brands here and abroad have been personal achievements. To be able get mentions by brands such as Cheap Monday, Herschel, H.E. Mango, Unilever have all been pretty cool to me since I know for sure I wouldn’t have an opportunity like this elsewhere around the world so quick.”
Website: https://www.robbieoffduty.com/
Instagram: @robbieoffduty
Twitter: @robbieoffduty
Bloglovin’: https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/robbie-off-duty-9844113

2.) Mikyle Quizon

Male Fashion Bloggers Mikyle Quizon 2

Male Fashion Bloggers Mikyle Quizon 1

Through out my blogging years, I discovered a style from UK that really inspired me to dress even better. UK/London Streetstyle. 

If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why?

That’d be my eyewear. I will never leave the house without it, Because it’s the only thing that makes me feel comfortable.

Website: www.mikylequizon.com 

Instagram: @mikylequizon

Twitter: @mikylequizon


1.) David Guision

Male Fashion Bloggers David Guison1
CASUAL IS THE WAY TO GO: I love creating looks that are relatable and relevant to my readers. My everyday go-to outfit is a pair of jeans/joggers + a plain shirt and sneakers! Easy as pie. 
Male Fashion Bloggers David Guison2
DOUBLE DENIM: I can’t say I have a favorite look but I’m a huge fan of double denim. I think I’ve come up with more than 10 looks wearing double denim (sometimes triple denim, sometimes quadruple denim–if there’s even such a thing). I find it challenging and it never goes out of style! 
Male Fashion Bloggers David Guison3
Male Fashion Bloggers David Guison4
Male Fashion Bloggers David Guison5
Male Fashion Bloggers David Guison6
A LITTLE THRIFTY: I’m a big fan of mixing high and low pieces together. I love a good challenge so I often go to thrift stores (ukay ukay) to shop for clothes. Take this baseball jersey for example which I got for only 50 pesos! Such a steal right? This concept started when I was in college when I wouldn’t have enough money to shop for clothes since all of my allowance would always go to buying food lol. I started buying from ukay ukay stores, department stores etc! 
Male Fashion Bloggers David Guison7
 My personal style is a fusion of preppy and rugged. I like going for structured, well-tailored clothing and mixing them with grungy pieces. 
If you were to choose one essential item in your wardrobe to wear everyday, what would it be and why?

I would have to go with grey trousers. Most guys would go for a pair of jeans, sneakers or a plain shirt but for me, a pair of tapered trousers always saves the day. When I have “off” days, I would go for a plain shirt and pair it with a pair of tailored trousers, it instantly makes you put-together. It looks a bit formal but you can do so much with it. You can dress it up or down–it’s completely up to you.

Fun Facts about David:

– He started out as a photographer for The Philippine Daily Inquirer (2BU Lifestyle Section) and styled for various campaigns.
– He conducted over 20 seminars in different universities and companies (about fashion, styling, photography, marketing and personal branding).
– He was awarded for Best Style Blog at the 2013 Tatt Awards and was nominated for Best Style Blog and Fitness Blog at the 2014 Tatt Awards.
– He has flown to different countries for blog collaborations such as: New York for Perry Ellis and Original Penguin, Sweden for H&M, Hong Kong for Calvin Klein, Barcelona for Police Eyewear, Malaysia for Tourism Malaysia, Guam for Guam Visitors Bureau, Singapore and Bangkok for Digital Fashion Week. 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidguison
Instagram: @davidguison
Twitter: @davidguison

His Mobile App:

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/david-guison/id890710075

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_dmpdavidguison.layout&hl=en

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We hope you learned practical tips and got to know these menswear bloggers even more! What about you? What are your wardrobe essentials? Are there other fashion bloggers–both male and female–that you want us to feature next?  Let us know by commenting below!

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Note: This list was arranged according to the number of Instagram followers as of July 17, with #3 and #4 as a tie.


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