When in Meownila: Here’s A Fuss-Free Volunteer Program For Animal Lovers

Fellow pet lovers, listen up!

Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation, Inc. in collaboration with WheninManila.com will be initiating the When in Meownila TNVR project. As we aim for a stray-free and rabies-free community of cats and dogs, we are calling for volunteers who can help us with our Trap-Neuter-Vaccine-Release mission.

cats in Manila meownila 12

No worries, the process is really easy! All you have to do is fill out the application form attached here and attend the Volunteer Orientation program to be fully informed about TNVR. After these two steps, you may start catching puspins or community cats, bring them to Philippine Pet Birth Control Center for neutering and vaccination, and then release them back in a safe environment.

cats in Manila meownila 2

We believe that this is an effective way for us to make sure that the cats are cared for and in order to prevent them from overpopulating.

In case you’re also looking for an affordable clinic for your pet’s vaccine and neuter services, PPBCC Foundation Neuter Clinic will be open this October. Here are more details about their rates and services.

– Low cost neuter services under #KaponAffordable will be available everyday for only P500 for cats and P1,000 for dogs. The clinic can cater 200-300 pets per day.

– Free neuter services for indigents. Kindly provide an indigent certificate from your respective barangay or municipality.

– TNVR program: Open for people who would like to volunteer for caring community, stray and feral cats. Application is necessary.

– Mass neutering sponsorship for individuals/group who would like to sponsor for their community

For more information, you may visit PPBCC’s website here. We would also like to thank the PPBCC team headed by Dr. Mace Licuanan for this opportunity.

Would you like to join the When in Meownila Project? Tell us in the comments!