This New Foundation Deals With The Increasing Stray Animal Population In A Different Way

Philippine Pet Birth Control Center or PPBCC is a fairly new animal-oriented foundation that aims to solve the increasing and alarming stray animal population in the country.

Founded by Dr. Maricelle Licuanan Resurreccion who started the free neuter programs for barangays five years ago, PPBCC is trying to address the worsening condition of stray animals by building an affordable yet state-of-the-art neutering facility. The clinic will spearhead a Trap, Neuter, Vaccine, and Return (TNVR) program which is far from the usual efforts of existing NGOs which are more focused on fostering and sheltering rescue and stray animals.

“The TNVR program has a proven track record in other countries. We want to replicate those results and apply local sensibilities,” said Dr. Ressurreccion. “We noticed that there is a need to educate Filipino pet owners about the benefits of neutering. One of the most common problems pet owners raised in the past concerns the cost of neutering. With the clinic, we can offer an affordable but safe way to address this problem—and at the same time, we can educate fellow pet lovers through practice.”

“We want to spread the word that there is a humane way to curb the exponentially growing stray population of cats and dogs. With your help, we can turn this dream into reality,” Dr. Ressurreccion added.

If all goes well in the first clinic, the foundation also envisions the establishment of one neuter clinic per city in the future. And since our country is still far from becoming stray-free, PPBCC’s goal is to make the Philippines a “stray dogs and cats friendly community”.

As of the moment, they are seeking for all the help they can get in order to build the neuter clinic. If you’re willing to extend your love to the stray animals in need, you may go to PPBCC’s GoGetFunding page at or visit their Facebook page here.

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