LOOK: Pet Warehouse & Purina Help Build The 1st Ever Feeding Station For Stray Pets

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere in the metro without seeing homeless animals in need of food and shelter.

Pet brands and animal-oriented non-government organizations know this problem and they are continuously finding ways in order to help and save these animals. And so, just recently, Pet Warehouse, the largest online pet store in the Philippines, in cooperation with Purina started the initiative to make the process of donating food easier and more accessible for pet lovers with big hearts.

Easy Donating

From March 1 to 15, you may extend your help to rescue and stray animals under the care of the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC) by donating food via Pet Warehouse. Purina will be offering Alpo and Friskies at a discounted rate while Pet Warehouse will deliver them to PPBCC free of charge and with no required minimum purchase. That being said, for as little as P 150.00, you can donate eight meals and one food bowl.

Donate Alpo Meals with Bowl Donate Friskies Meals with Bowl

And so, we encourage everyone to join Pet Warehouse in reaching their goal of donating 100 bowls and 1,000 meals and even go beyond. To donate, just go to their website and click on “new arrivals” at the navigation bar. Follow these simple steps below to continue:

  1. Pick the item(s) you want to donate.
  2. Checkout.
  3. Select ‘Donate to Philippine Pet Birth Control Center’.
  4. Use VOUCHER CODE: LETMEHELP. (for purchases below 995)
  5. Proceed with payment. (PayPal, credit card, bank deposit, among many others)
  6. PPBCC Dogs & Cats wag for joy!

The feeding stations will be part of PPBCC’s new state-of-the-art neuter clinic opening in Mandaluyong City. According to Dr. Maricelle Licuanan Resurreccion, founder of PPBCC, they are trying to address the worsening condition of stray animals by building an affordable neutering facility. The clinic will spearhead a Trap, Neuter, Vaccine, and Return (TNVR) program, supported by Pet Warehouse and various public and private organizations.

Right now, PPBCC is also seeking sponsors to help them build the neuter clinic. To help them out, visit their GoGetFunding page here.

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