When in Manila’s #MeetTheTeam: KC Canlas

When in Manila recently reached two million likes on Facebook! This was a humbling milestone for the When in Manila Team. As we met together to brainstorm on how to improve, we thought it would be best to reach out to our readers on a more personal level. After all, When in Manila is a essentially a community. We’re not merely content producers who dish out new articles daily–we want to establish a sense of community and constant exchange of ideas with our readers. To make this possible, we’re happy to launch a new series: When in Manila’s #MeetTheTeam! 

When in Manila KC Profile Photo Meet the Team

Meet KC, senior features editor of WhenInManila.com. She likes ice cream, chocolate cake, kare-kare, long walks and long talks, and beer. Marami siyang binaon, kaya marami siyang hugot!

What do you do for WIM?

Tell stories, share cool experiences, and make the world more curious with new discoveries. Keep an eye out for trending topics. Train and manage the senior features team. On my free time, I make a lot of jokes and hugots.

How did you find out about WIM?

Some 3-4 years ago, I chanced upon WIM on Facebook. I tried out if I can write for WIM through Mae Ilagan. It worked out pretty well after that.

When in Manila KC Profile Photo Meet the Team 3

Sa mundong kung san maraming manloloko, isa ka dun kuya.

Sabi mo maglalakad lang. Sabi mo walang aakyatin.

Di na ko maniniwala sa mga sinasabi mo.

Kaya please wag mong sabihing mahal nya ko.

What’s the best part of working for WIM?

The best part of working for WIM is that it feels like what you do really matter. Your voice matters and people listen. It may not always be a good thing but knowing that you can impart some legacy is like having a superpower. But it’s important not to forget that with “great power comes great responsibility.”

What was your most memorable experience working for WIM?

I was able to try the Presidential Suite of a hotel overnight. The room was really huge and it has an indoor party-sized jacuzzi. Guess that’s how rockstars live.

KC Canlas of When in Manila Meet the Team 1

Woke up like this. Charot.

What were the challenges along the way?

The challenge with working for WIM is similar with most start-ups. The evolving setup is something that you should be quick to adapt. Otherwise, you will be left behind.

Describe what the normal day working with WIM is like.

I churn out words to compose meaningful paragraphs that sends a message and will make the reader feel something. It could be joy, sadness, anger (hopefully, not), or nostalgia. Whatever feeling that is, I hope it’s something that make them say, “it’s a good day today.”

What are the things that you enjoy writing about/featuring the most?

Anything inspiring and fun. Sometimes the Internet world can be filled with negativity so it’s nice to strike a balance by filling it with funny stories, inspiring experiences, and corny jokes that work. Travel stories have a special spot in my heart.

KC Canlas of When in Manila Meet the Team 2

Switching careers? Ask me how.

“I wish WIM readers would know that_______________.”

…we appreciate every feedback but we have feelings too. LOL. Be it to applaud what we do or to constructively criticize us, their feedback helps us to grow.

Future dreams for WIM:

To be a catchphrase.

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KC Canlas

Facebook: When in Manila KC

Twitter and Instagram: @BeAwes0me

Personal Blog/Website: kcsnotepad.com

Stay tuned to meet the rest of the team! If you have any questions and suggestions for KC or for any of the team, feel free to comment below! Would you like to be part of the team, too? Click this link to know how.