When in Manila’s #MeetTheTeam: Angeline Rodriguez

When in Manila recently reached two million likes on Facebook! This was a humbling milestone for the When in Manila Team. As we met together to brainstorm on how to improve, we thought it would be best to reach out to our readers on a more personal level. After all, When in Manila is a essentially a community. We’re not merely content producers who dish out new articles daily–we want to establish a sense of community and constant exchange of ideas with our readers. To make this possible, we’re happy to launch a new series: When in Manila’s #MeetTheTeam! 

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Meet Angeline Rodriguez, Managing Editor (and resident uber geek) of WhenInManila.com. Angeline collects books, geeky tattoos, Funko Pops and Hot Toys; and she loves to travel, too. Sebastian Stan is her soulmate. Follow her Facebook page and start a conversation with her about anything under the sun – she loves getting to know new people!

What do you do for WIM?

I edit the articles of non-Senior contributors, screen and welcome new contributors, attend events, meet new people (yes, that’s part of the job), and, of course, write my own articles.

How did you find out about WIM?

I met Vince at a blogger’s event in Relik and he told me about the site. I didn’t check it out until three months later, though. :p

What’s the best part of working for WIM?

I love to write. I’ve kept a journal since I was 5 and I’ve been writing professionally since I was 15, so you can say it’s a passion of mine. Plus, I’m a spelling and grammar Nazi by nature (a lot of people’s worst nightmare). As such, working for WIM doesn’t feel like work at all to me.

What was your most memorable experience working for WIM?


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What were the challenges along the way?

There was a time where I was handling almost everything. Mae had stepped down from being Managing Editor and WIM suddenly grew so quickly (it felt like it happened overnight) and all of a sudden, I had so much to do. I no longer had time to juggle WIM and my other jobs (I had four at the time because I wasn’t making enough to support my little family), so there were moments where I really felt like I had to quit WIM na. I didn’t, though, coz I love it too much.

Describe what the normal day working with WIM is like.

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Two to four times a week, I wake up around 8, reply to important emails, write a few articles, go to a meeting or two, go to an event or four, scour through social media for potential article ideas while in traffic, write a few articles and reply to more emails between meetings and events, and then come home at around midnight to write more articles and respond to emails. I typically go to bed at 4 on those days. If I’m lucky. On meeting and event-less days, however, I spend ten hours at Starbucks on my laptop writing articles and replying to emails, and then I spend an hour or two pole dancing. Those are my favorite days.

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What are the things that you enjoy writing about/featuring the most?
Geeky things and movie news and reviews!
“I wish WIM readers would know that_______________”
…we are humans who have feelings and make mistakes, too. Huhuhu.
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Stay tuned to meet the rest of the team! If you have any questions and suggestions for Anj or for any of the team, feel free to comment below! Would you like to be part of the team, too? Click this link to know how.