LOOK: The Iconic Filipino Jeepney Finds Itself in New York!

We love it when the Philippines is promoted well abroad. Just recently, a video surfaced of how our beautiful country is being promoted in London and, to be honest, it made us want to go to the Philippines even though we already live here. Haha.

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Well, it seems that New York City is somehow following suit. Carlo L Cruz* recently posted this photo that he took of the iconic Philippine jeepney beeping its way to the City that Never Sleeps:

Jeep in New York

According to various sources, Apl.de.Ap from the Black Eyed Peas paraded this jeepney in New York in commemoration of our upcoming Independence Day. Pretty darned cool, huh? In fact, our jeepney actually looks like it feels right at home there, don’t you think? 🙂

(*Please take note that the credit for the photo has been changed to its original owner. Please do not steal other people’s intellectual property and please always ask permission before posting photos that are not yours on other websites.)