Harry Potter-Themed Cafe in Maginhawa Will Make Potterheads Squeal!

When I first heard that there was a Harry Potter-themed cafe in Maginhawa, I smiled to myself and made a mental note to visit it if I ever found myself in the North again.


Despite being from the South, I packed my trunks (okay, it was just a purse) with my wand (and by wand, I mean Harry Potter-inspired jewelry) and dragged my owl (and by owl, I mean boyfriend) to Maginhawa to revel in Harry Potter goodness. Don’t blame me. It’s been AGES since the last movie and Harry Potter-inspired everythings are the only things that keep me going now.

harry potter nook 1

Now, if you plan on going to The Nook to geek out properly, you need to be ready to wait for a while. A looooong while. At least on weekends. I went on Sunday (bad move) and didn’t consider how many Potterheads out there had the same idea as me (worse move). I didn’t bring an umbrella, either (unrelated but worst move coz it rained).

The place is small, and it’s nice that way. However, that also means that you will be waiting as other fellow Potterheads enjoy the awesomeness of the cafe.

harry potter nook

harry potter nook

Downstairs is the ordering area where you can see murals of Hedwig and Hogwarts by Instagram users @cassstillo and @dingfloresding…

harry potter nook

harry potter nook

…the new Harry Potter Funkopops and some books to read…

harry potter nook

…and even a wand that you can play around with, which can be obtained at the counter.

harry potter nook

However, I heard that the real magic happens upstairs. As mentioned earlier, the place was packed and while we were there for a good hour or so waiting for our turn to head upstairs, it never happened and other plans beckoned.

From downstairs, though, I was able to sneak a peek at a Quidditch broom and a cute seating area.

harry potter nook

harry potter nook

And from their Instagram, I have deducted that they have a Gryffindor robe and wand upstairs for the ultimate cosplaying purposes.

Despite not having been able to chill at the amazing area I just described, though, I was able to share a couple of butterbeers with my boyfriend and they were delightful! (The fries were really good, too.)

harry potter nook

Back to the butterbeers, though, they tasted exactly like I imagined they would: super sweet and super delectable. If you’ve ever tasted Werther’s candy, think of that, but in liquid form. 😀 Hogsmeade vibes all the way! And the best part? They only cost Php100 a glass!

Whether you are a Potterhead or know someone who is, The Nook is the perfect place to keep those Harry Potter vibes alive!

The Nook

164 A Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Opening Time: 1pm to 10pm

Email: hi.thenookcafe@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheNookCafe