When in.. Manila Music Festival 2012!

When in Manila, I was part of music history as Manila held its very own Music Festival!

Heard of Coachella? A music festival held in California where despite the scorching hot sun, they managed to sell over 50,000 tickets! It’s a celebration and culmination of good music, booze and some half naked street fashion.

Well, As Sarah Meier (host for the night) said Manila indeed has its own Music Festival to call its own. & yes it definitely is more fun in the freakin Philippines. I am such a big fan of Pinoy music that I go out of my way to try and buy indie CDs and go to sweat driven gigs around the metro. I was so thrilled that there was a festival to bring these talented Pinoys all in one place. 


Loved the venue! Breezy and sandy.
Yes, don’t ask why I was barefoot!(Taken from STATUS magazine‘s Facebook page)   


Here’s a photo of me and my good friend Rafa taken by my friend Bev’s iPhone.

Insanely yummy tacos from the GuacTruck! Got a Vegetarian one with sour cream. Hmm!



Fashion blogger Patricia Prieto
(who went mad and got a few of us wet! Haha, was still nice seeing you Pat!)


The Walkie Talkies: Raleene and Raizza Cabrera.
Check out their youtube page and prepare to be blown away! 


The stunning Georgina Wilson.


Frank Magalona & my styling “boss” as you may call him, Carlos Concepcion


Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy, Nicole Anderson and Robbie Becroft


Raymond Gutierrez and Patricia Prieto

Photo courtesy of www.itspatriciaprieto.com


Spotted the cutest ever couple! Took a blurry shot of them so I grabbed from the Status mag facebook


They even took a photo of us from above! Haha Here’s the pic:

Now the performances: (BEST PART!)









Chillen. Love how we were just sitting on the ground, lovely music and awesome crowd!




SO WHEN IN MANILA be sure you won’t miss the next Manila Music Festival! 100% good music, 100% awesome crowd that will get your heart racing all night. 



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