When in Manila, Make Life Easier and more Convenient with a Visa Debit Card


When in Manila, or even outside the country, there are so many things you can get or experiences that you can take on first hand! Imagine a mall-wide sale screaming 70% off on all items, a lavish dinner from your favorite restaurant or all those amazing online deals.


We all screamed – I want!!! But once I opened my wallet, all I saw was single coin… which I didn’t want to use (because they say it would give us good luck!) nor was it enough for the lavish spending I wanted to do. The worst scenario is when we have zillions of pesos in our bank account, but there isn’t a single ATM in sight!


We can wish for a genie, pray to our Fairy Godmother or send letters to Santa to get us what we want and need, but I’m doubtful on how effective these tactics might be. I mean really, all I want is that last stock item designer bag behind that window display that’s on sale for 70% off! I can see those other girls eyeing it too but I SAW IT FIRST!  What do I do now? I didn’t bring enough cash?


Thank the heavens for my Visa Debit Card!!!




I know I should celebrate the anniversary of my relationship with my Visa Debit Card. It saved me so many times that I would like to think it is my knight  in shining armor. I still remember when I found a perfect fitting dress from Forever 21 and I was too lazy to head to the nearest ATM; so the VISA Debit Card was all I presented at the cashier. I left the store with a shopping bag, the dress I wanted and a big smile on my face. 




I also use my Visa Debit Card to pay for food purchases, like when I treated my former boss and teammate for lunch in Stackers (simply because I missed bonding with them). It was not part of my allocated cash that I brought with me, but once again, Visa Debit Card allowed me to enjoy that simple pleasure.


The Visa power doesn’t just end there. I also use it whenever I’m out of the country – and when I say Visa I’m not talking about that precious document the immigration officers want to see in your passport, I’m still talking about the Visa Debit Card


I chose to use the Visa Debit Card when making purchases abroad, because it saves me some pesos, or dollars, (or whatever currency is applicable) from foreign transaction fees that most credit card companies charge. The best thing about using the Visa Debit Card is that you are free from monthly worries of billing statements and you are shielded from the credit card customer care agents who will call you everyday, more than your boyfriend/girlfriend does. 


The Visa Debit Card makes shopping more convenient because most online shops are now accepting Debit Cards. Since you have control of the amount of money you have in your account, there is no worry about clicking that Add to Cart and Check-Out buttons. The risk of identity theft and credit card information theft is very small too. Furthermore, you will no longer miss the much anticipated zero-fare promos from the airlines. You will no longer need to “ride on with your friend’s credit card” because you too can buy your own ride or flight.




For added security, the Visa Debit Card may also be linked to your Paypal account for your online purchases. Visa Debit Cards are accepted  in more than 200 countries as well as online stores worldwide.


There are even special promos and discounts exclusive to VISA card holders, so it’s not just a debit card, but a discount card too. I got discounts when I purchased Disney on Ice tickets when they came to Manila. 


The best part of having a Visa Debit Card is that there is no need to carry loads of cash – payday or not. Imagine a bulky wallet and heavy coins eating space in your bag or wallet. That’s literally a heavy load to carry. 


So When in Manila, get a VISA Debit Card and enjoy a good life. If you need more info, you can also check out this other post we had here – https://www.wheninmanila.com/safety-and-convenience-of-america-in-manila-visa-debit-cards/









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