Safety and Convenience of America in Manila: VISA Debit Cards


There are many things I miss about living in the United States. Surfing the shores of San Diego, seeing the hot girls of California, having the BEST burgers in the world at In N Out and of course, the convenience of so many things from traffic (or lack thereof), the better weather and the feeling of safety.


Well, good news is that the convenience of America has finally hit the Philippines.


One big change from moving to the Philippines is that now, I have to carry around so much cash just to get around for my regular errands and events. Not only is this a big hassle because I have to get in long lines at the ATM, but what’s worst is that I feel VERY unsafe carrying around such a large sum of money with me.


ATM Safer than cash



Imagine if you had to make a payment for your rent or your bills. Knock on wood, but what if your wallet gets lost or stolen?! There are some things you may be able to replace, like your IDs or your bank cards, but you’ll probably never get to see that lost cash again.


Thanks to VISA, I can now feel safe and have the convenience I had in the US. Now, YOU can have these too!


Let me introduce you to the VISA Debit Card, also known as the VISA Check Card!


A VISA Debit Card works exactly like any Visa card but they access funds from a checking or savings bank account and work like you were paying with cash.



Mobile Shopping


It’s pretty much like using cash, without having to carry around all that cash with you. You can simply use your own personal funds and pay for things. Use it at the grocery, at the movies, to get gas, when you go shopping and anywhere VISA is accepted.  



Dining Groceries



Oh and you can even use it when you’re overseas! Again, use it wherever VISA is accepted. So that means no need for money changers abroad. But if you do need cash abroad, you can also conveniently use your VISA Debit Card at the ATM’s overseas! Visa Debit cards are accepted worldwide in more than 200 countries and territories as well as on the internet when you go online shopping.


So, When In Manila, be sure you pick the safer and more convenient alternative to carrying loads of cash around. Get yourself a VISA Debit Card now!


VISA Debit Card


Safety and Convenience of America in Manila: VISA Debit Cards

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