When In Boracay – Special Summer Episodes from the Best Beach in the World



When In Manila, and summer heats up your world til it’s too hot to handle, then do what all Manilanians do… hit the beaches of the top summer destination in the Philippines – BORACAY!


These are the WhenInManila.com Special Summer Episodes !!!!! – WHEN IN BORACAY




Boracay is the ULTIMATE destination for any jet-setter or regular Joe & Jane just trying to escape the summer heat. Three kilometers of uninterrupted white sand beaches complimented by your favorite outdoor activities, island specialties and water sports. Boracay is THE place to see if ever you’re in this side of the world.


Of course, if you want to do Boracay the right way, you have to get yourself a good flight and some great accommodations. The last thing you want are unacceptable living conditions in your hotel or crappy airline services.


So I wanted to thank both my airline of choice and my hotel selection this year. I definitely recommend both of them.


For my airline, I flew with SEAIR (South East Asian Airlines) and it was really a very pleasant flight. The pleasantries started right when I got to the airport in Manila. The first thing I noticed was a HUGE line at the airport. The second thing I notice was the sign of a different airline in front of that HUGE line. SO I then looked to left of that line, and saw the counter for SEAIR, which had no line. That felt like the best VIP treatment right there. Coming to the airport and pretty much jumping the whole line… though it did look like the people in line weren’t  too happy about their waits… All I have to say is “Don’t hate the playah… hate the game…” =P




The SEAIR flight I was on had 34 passengers. So it was a smaller plane, but nothing too small where it shakes and rattles too much. This is my second time in Boracay and the first time I took a flight here on a really small 15 passenger plane, oh boy was that shaky! So for that alone I much prefer the SEAIR plane which was just the right size.


Also, not sure if this is part of company policy at SEAIR… but the stewardesses were cute and wore tiny skirts… not that I was checking them out or anything…. 😉


Check out the FULL VIEW of Boracay from a plane here – https://www.wheninmanila.com/boracay-beach-paradise-full-view-from-a-plane




Anyways, another bonus that was unexpected, is that you get a complimentary van ride to the boat docks and a boat ride when you get to Caticlan Airport. Oh and for those of you who have never been here, some info for ya – you don’t land on Boracay island itself. You land at an island next to Boracay then have to take at boat (or Bangka) to Boracay. You have a choice of two airports to land at, one is Caticlan Airport, which is about 5 – 10 minutes from the boat docks, and is where SEAIR operates. Or you can also fly into the other airport, Kalibo Airport, but you would then need to take another 2 hour bus ride to the Boat Docks to get to Boracay. So needless to say, I recommend Calibo with SEAIR instead.


Anyway, so all good and dandy so far, up next, I get to my hotel, the Astoria Beach Resort Boracay. I was greeted by a nice staff who had a REALLY good welcome drink. Don’t quite remember what it was, but I think it was some sort of Pandan Drink, which tasted like ice tea with honey, lime and a hint of coconut.




For the hotel, Astoria Resorts Boracay, it was AWESOME, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Though in case you’re wondering, I was fully satisfied with our room and the service there. It was a really nice hotel with a sweet pool. Best part probably was its location, it was located in Station 1 but close to Station 2 where all the good food is. It’s actually a newly renovated hotel there next to Yellow Cab Pizza and somewhere between Starbucks and Jonas Fruit Shakes for those of you who know your Boracay geography. So it was right in front of the beach where the smaller boats come in to take you on the island adventures like diving, snorkeling, island hopping, cliff diving, helmet diving, reef walking, parasailing, wind surfing, banana boats, jet skis, flying fish, paddle boarding and more. So it was definitely in prime location if you asked me.




So anywayz, will be posting A LOT more videos and posts about our trip to Boracay. Thanks to SEAIR for sponsoring our flight and to Astoria Resorts Boracay for offering us a complimentary stay.


Stay tuned for other special episodes of When In Boracay!


When In Manila, and the heat starts getting to you, head over to Boracay on a SEAIR Flight and I also recommend staying at Astoria Resorts. When In Boracay…. well… you’ll need to stay tuned for our other blog posts.



Book a flight or contact SEAIR – https://www.flyseair.com


Book accommodations at Astoria Resorts Boracay – https://www.astoriaboracay.com



*Awesome Photographs of Boracay courtesy of Hannah from FlairCandy.com



When In Boracay – Special Summer Episodes from the Best Beach in the World 


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