When Fun Soared Up In The Sky! A Colorful Weekend at The 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta


 The Flying Colors In The Sky

Who would have thought that the Wright brothers’ discovery will eventually turn out as wonderful as those? Definitely, the crafts that we’ve witnessed have evolved miles and miles farther from early unmanned lighters and crafts up to the present color, size, and shape varying manned hot air balloons.

Seeing colorful objects soar in the sky is the centerpiece of the festival! This is what people have paid for and looked forward to every year.

The pictures below tells every bit of our experience in this year’s event.

Behold and enjoy!



9elephant1e Firing up! Hot Air balloons, as we all know, should contain hot gases in order to ascend

into the air. That device is what we call a propane burner!



11elephant3eand here it is! a giant pink elephant ready to conquer the atmosphere! 



1off the walleOff The Wall!  an upside down Humpty Dumpty Balloon


You’re right! this year, the car at my back will park in the heavens! 


a Fire Brigade Vehicle Balloon entry of  Germany 



5airplane1ean American Space Shuttle! According to the announcer, this one is the largest entry.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t able to fly due to some technicalities



Our Favorite!

I was so amazed on this concept due to reasons I can’t determine. Maybe because of its complicated design. Or maybe because, despite its complicated and very detailed appearance, was still able to erect and take off  completely.

Last year, I’ve heard that a flower from Plants VS Zombies joined. Now, a bundle of tulips proved it can also fly.

13tulip2Eat first, it looked like a monster that swallows humans


 Little by little, it fills up. Hot air balloons are actually being pumped partially

by cold air from a gas-powered fan before the propane burners



13btulipat this point, everyone can totally see how the balloon looks like 


now, it’s ready to fly!


15tulip 3esoaring up, here it comes!



16tulip5ethe tulips have completely escaped the ground. Really, it’s an awesome view directly under!



Our “Haring Araw” 

2sun1ethe sun is rising! I’ve never been this close to “Haring Araw”! haha



4sun3ecool sun! I wonder why “Haring Araw” wore glasses. I mean, glasses? as protection against what? his own rays? Hmm..


The Standard Shaped Hot Air Balloons


17pal1eI can feel the intense action at this area. Ready, PULL!!!



18pal2eslowly, it’s forming up now



19pal3EThe Philippine Airlines Balloon! For that day’s record, it was the first one to fly. 


20checkerdeAll other colorful balloons are awakened 


21chekerd1eslowly standing 


22chekerd2eand released in the air!



I wonder how it feels like up there. I’m not sure about the price of riding in hot air balloons was, but based on what I’ve read from several posts, it’s around 250 USD.  Riding on balloons is on first come first serve basis, and is not  announced that much. But it’s possible and allowed of course. You just have to inquire.

All of a sudden, the sky was filled up with balloons, leaving us fascinated and amazed below. 







 Everyone, even the adults, I guess, felt their childhood that time. People wave their hands as the balloons flew over their heads. Although it was a hot late morning already, it was a terribly fun fun experience!


But the fun have just started.

There’s more!

Another round of flying fiesta on next page!