WHAT’S NEW: A Quick Glimpse of Instagram Stories

Lots of us are avid social media users and we’ve loved all of them for their own unique purposes.

We loved Facebook for constant updates on the significant people in our lives, we loved Twitter for the brief thoughts, loved Instagram for people’s nicely curated photos or their raw life snippets, and we loved Snapchat for having a quick glimpse on others’ random moments.

But here’s the thing now, it seems like Instagram is doing something a lot like what Snapchat is doing.

Wheninmanila.com intern JP Sium shared his verdict on the new feature. So far, we have this:


8. Stories load faster than Snapchat

7. Doesn’t drain battery life as much as Snapchat

6. Has filters, but no geotags; time, weather, and speed


5. Can store stories if no internet connection, then upload later

4. You can also see who viewed your stories like in Snapchat

3. You can message other people about their stories but you can’t “snap” / “chat” them


2. No limit in words

1. By default, pictures posted in Stories will last for 5 seconds

When asked about it, JP shared that as an avid Snapchat user, he still prefers Snapchat when sharing “Stories” like this. Instagram, we already love you the way you are!

Have you tried Instagram Stories? How do you feel about this upgrade?

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