What You Should Be Drinking in 2014


As the years come along, our taste for sophistication and quality should be elevating with it. Gone are the days when just any run-of-the-mill drink would suffice. As the world gets more elegant, these are the times when we need to stand out with what we choose to hold in our hands.

We need to separate the men from the boys and the queens from the pawns. You need to make an impression when you’re out and about in the midst of the nightlife here in the metro.

It’s usually more complicated to find a gold standard drink, but for a limited time, you’ll get just that!

One of the most sophisticated drinks out there now comes in a striking, reflective gold limited-edition bottle, suited to turn this season’s festivities to the most meaningful celebrations: The JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™

Luxuriously smooth and creamy, JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ is a multi-layered blend of sweet fruit flavours that evolve into deeper, delicately honeyed tones before finishing in lingering waves of wood, and light, sweet West-Coast smoke. With its exquisite flavour profile, stylish elegance and refined quality, JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ makes for the perfect gift for the most discerning drinker.


 Johnnie Walker Gold Bullion WhenInManila 3


You can get a chance to win one of the sixty (60) JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ Limited Edition Bottle by playing the app at www.celebratewithgold.com

Here’s how you can win:

1. Head over to the app at www.celebratewithgold.com

2. Get the highest score for a chance to win a limited edition bottle of JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™

3. Invite friends to earn you 100 steps

4. Share your inspiration and earn 200 steps daily

5. Sit back and enjoy a JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ drink while you wait


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For a limited time, you can purchase the Johnnie Walker® Gold Label Reserve™ Limited Edition Bottle at the following stores:

South Supermarket, Makati Supermarket, Unimart Supermarket, Cash & Carry, Sta. Lucia East Supermarket, Cherry Foodarama, Pioneer Center Supermart, or Hi-Top Supermarket Quezon Ave.


Johnnie Walker Gold Bullion WhenInManila


For more info, head over to their Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/johnniewalkerphilippines

 Drink responsibly. Per DOH-FDA-CFRR Permit No. 0575 s. 2013. Promo duration : January 27 – February 28, 2014.