What to Wear for a Mount Pulag Adventure

It’s the end of the year! When in Manila, this is the season when groups of friends and whole families go out of town – especially highlands and mountains – to enjoy cooler weather. I live for adventure, and when the opportunity to climb Mount Pulag presented itself, I grabbed it.

Introducing Mount Pulag

what to wear mount pulag

Mount Pulag Summit, view from descent.

Mt. Pulag is classified as an “ultra”, a mountain summit with a topographical prominence of at least 1.5km or more. That’s nearly a mile up in the sky! The peak rises to 2,922 meters above sea level (MASL), and as far as big mountains go, it is relatively doable for newbies (NOTE: “doable” is not the same as “easy”; some fitness and good gear is ABSOLUTELY required to enjoy the full experience of summiting the Philippines’ third-highest mountain) and a good challenge for fit individuals.

Things to do in Mount Pulag

There is usually just one compelling reason why expert mountaineers and casual hikers alike consider Mount Pulag a must-climb mountain: the famous Sea of Clouds phenomenon. Some climbers apparently climb the mountain several times over without seeing the majestic view, while some lucky ones (I am so thankful to be one of these) see it on Attempt Number One.

what to wear mount pulag

A mountain dam lake on the way to Mount Pulag.

Of course, experiencing the cool weather and fresh air, as well as immersion to a simpler way of life among the mountain natives are also great reasons to visit this majestic mountain.


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