What Kind of Barkada Are You? Take Our Online Quiz Now!

This is the time of the year again where events are expected to happen almost every day. Companies be thinking about their year-end strategic planning, Christmas party, Thanksgiving party, just to name a few. Furthermore, we also have personal or special events happening like Birthdays, Weddings, and more to attend to.

Welcome to my life! 

Don’t judge me.

Organizing an event is fun, yet dreadful. One must have great organizational and time management skills. However, things can happen at the very last minute! It’s either the speaker canceled a day before or worse case scenario – a natural calamity, which is understandable.

Funny, as it happens when organizing an event for the barkada!


what kind of barkada are u?

How did I know? Well, it happened last week when we were trying to organize my friend’s birthday party. The thing was, aside from it being his special day, we haven’t seen each other since God knows when! Sure, there’s Facebook and other friendship apps, but it’s different when you guys go crazy and reminisce about things together, right?

Since everyone’s busy with their own lives, we decided to create a chatroom to K.I.T. (Keep In Touch) What I’ve found out was, as we grow more mature and responsible in life, we became more careful in making decisions. In short, not everyone can just simply say “yes” to the invitation, unlike before.

But, that’s the serious part I’ve discovered. The funny part was, we discovered that in a barkada, there’s a traveler, an emo, peacemaker, coffee lover, alcoholic (not the bad one, promise!), and workaholic!

Are you excited? Would you like to know more about it? Here’s a quick guide for you!

What Kind of Barkada Are You?

1. The Traveler (a.k.a. may nunal sa paa, lakwatsera, atbp.)


– If you’re always out of town or country either on a business trip or for wandering purposes, then this category is for you! You are the “traveler” of the barkada (the Filipino term for a group of friends, gang, hood, etc.) because you’re the wanderlust. You go places and it’s really hard to reach you!

Of course, the barkada wouldn’t be complete without you, so everyone has to adjust to your schedule! 🙂 Do you think you’d fall under this category?

2. Workaholic


– Except if you are a family person now or no helper at all (ahem), you are excused. Generally, if you cannot go to any barkada nights because of work, then you’re a certified workaholic! Again, nothing’s wrong with working hard, but you gotta work on your life, too! If you know what I mean. (Work hard, party harder!)

3. Coffee Lover

coffee lover

Well, apart from sipping your favorite Caramel Macchiato, you’d rather have the meet-up at a coffee shop than a bar. Although, you drink beer, you just love the ambiance and the coffee aroma. Yes, that’s a coffee lover! (And, I know someone who fits this category!)

4. The Peacemaker

Friends hugging in rural landscape

As the name implies, this friend is someone who calls for an open forum, every time there’s something “wrong” in the barkada. S/he usually calls everyone’s attention and patches things up for the sake of the friendship. Do you know someone like this?

5. Alcoholic (social drinking)


Not the addictive kind of alcoholism, it’s just that you prefer drinking til you drop than to hear sob stories of your friends! 🙂 Okay, let me clarify, you’re a friend, but you’re the happy-go-lucky one! The one who doesn’t take life seriously! 🙂

6. The “Emo” 


Okay, not the bad kind of “emo,” but this friend is someone so emotional about life happenings. Someone who really believes in love and #mayforever. Although, this person has been cheated on a gazillion times – still, love is in the air! (Hope is frail, girl!)

So, there you have the six (6) kinds of barkadas you will have in your lifetime. Whether you like it or not, your friends will be there for you, forever! It’s not that YOU DON’T HAVE A CHOICE, but friendship (or any kind of relationship) the joy of being together, is enough to conquer this world full of uncertainties.

Don’t know what kind of  barkada you are? Take this easy quiz! Promise, it’s not rocket science!

The questions are pretty straight forward. No right or wrong answers here.

Oh, in case you’re wondering what happened to the birthday party? Well, I ended up not going. Because, I’m a workaholic! LOL.

This test, however, is NOT and will NEVER be used against you nor will ever be used as clinical results for any psychological exams or documents. Don’t trip! Just enjoy the quiz!

Did I miss any other kind of barkada? Holla!