What Happened to Bea Benedicto?

In a recent social media post, Bea Benedicto shared what she has been going through for the past 6 months. She starts off by saying that she wants to be more real and braver this year and then explains why she went off TikTok and stopped posting Instagram Stories of her face – her entire head, even. Fans noticed that she stopped posting her workouts, too.
I already mentioned before that I suffered from a hormonal imbalance and PCOS that made me get insane acne. But, honestly, it was so much worse than that.
I lost a lot of hair. I got alopecia that I didn’t get treated right away because of the quarantine. The bald spots just kept getting bigger until it became like this in the video.
Turns out Benedicto has developed alopecia due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a condition where women produce higher-than-normal amounts of male hormones or androgens. One of its effects is hair loss which is also a major cause of psychological distress in women. As Benedicto described, it is a “bad cycle” and the actress/influencer was in it from June to December last year.
I was depressed, I was anxious, and I was balding. I’d be sad then more hair would fall off, then I’d get sadder. It was a bad cycle hahaha! June ‘till December 2020 really wasn’t a good time mentally, and I just want to say – especially for those who are going through something similar – that things will be ok.
Despite this, she inspires women who are going through a similar phase in life by telling them that things will get better soon and sharing how she is currently managing her health and has already seen progress.
My hormones and I have been getting along a lot better now, and there’s been hair growing there already. It’s not much, but at least they’re coming back a little. FYI, this video was taken at its worst hehe because I knew at the time that I’ll be stronger one day. Strong enough to post this as a “before” video.
Finally, she thanked her doctor, husband, family, and friends for helping her get through it all. Now, it is her turn to spread the love.
Hugs to everyone who might need it today! I’m here for you!

In an Instagram Live earlier today, Benedicto also addressed some questions from her followers about her condition for women who might be experiencing the same thing.

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