What are Dental Implants and Why are They Better Than Dentures?

Words by Camille Ong

We’ve all probably seen dentures. For as long as I could remember, I would always see my grandparents’ dentures soaking in a glass of water whenever I slept over at their place. Come early morning, they will fit the dentures into their jaws and it’s as if they never lost their teeth in the first place.

Dental implants, on the other hand, aren’t quite as well-known as dentures. While they have been around for quite some time now, some people don’t know what they are exactly. I was actually one of those people just a few days ago. Curious, I looked into it online and found this gif.

Seeing a screw burrow into someone’s gums freaked me out. Why do they need to put a screw in the mouth? How will a hole in the gums feel? What are dental implants anyway? I went on an adventure through Google to find the answers.

Getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth means having a titanium screw implanted in your jaw. Don’t worry, you won’t feel the procedure because of anesthesia!

After that, you wait three to six months for it to be integrated into your jaw bone. This will be your healing period.

Once that’s done, your dentist will attach a post to the implant and then you wait again for the gum tissue to grow around it before attaching your crown (specially crafted to blend with your teeth) and ta-da! You have a new tooth!

You might think it’s such a hassle after reading about how dental implants are done but here are some reasons why they are better than dentures:

Dental Implants are here to stay (Literally)

Dentures can easily slip out of your mouth. With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about it getting loose as they are securely attached to your jaw. The permanency of dental implants trumps the temporariness of dentures.

See what I mean about dentures?

You can eat whatever you want with dental implants

Having dentures means having certain food restrictions. Sticky food, for example, is off limits because your dentures might come off as you chew. With dental implants, you can eat whatever you want within reason as you retain normal chewing capacity.

The price of dental implants is more worth it in the long run

Dentures are cheaper, yes, but that’s because you have to replace them after a few years. Dental implants, however, are an investment since they have an average lifespan of 25 years.

Dental implants are low maintenance

Dentures sometimes require adhesives to help keep it in place. You also have to clean it regularly. With dental implants, you only have to take care of it as you would your natural teeth.

You don’t have to worry about bone loss in the jaw with dental implants

The absence of teeth decreases the quality of your jaw bone because the pressure when you chew is directed at your jaw. Since dentures do not have roots, your jaw bone recedes. Dental implants, however, take over the role of the root and it distributes the pressure it receives from chewing. This helps preserve your current facial structure.

Dental implants will bring you confidence

You constantly have to worry about your dentures because of its limitations and need for maintenance. Loss of teeth also impacts the way smile or talk. With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about all of that because they are your replacement teeth. You can talk, smile, and eat confidently!

If you want a permanent solution, then dental implants are your answer. Good thing GAOC, a leading dental center in the Philippines, specializes in dental implants. If you wanna know more about the procedure or simply consult, reach out to GAOC and schedule an appointment!

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