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The Goodbox PH wanted more people to benefit from a balanced, delicious, and natural diet . They wanted to help people maintain a natural, organic and balanced diet  because doing it by yourself  can get complicated, expensive, and tiring. 

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Day 4

Banana Oat  Bars, Juice and Fruit: 520kcal

Macaroni Salad: 120 kcal

Chargrilled chicken with Mint and currant Couscous and Salad: 445kcal

Fruit and Cheese Roll-ups: 150 kcal

Vegetable Gumbo and Brown Rice: 258kcal


 The Good Box PH  will help you either to lose or maintain weight with 6 different calorie menus for everyday of the week: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400 and 2700 calories, to help you achieve your goals.


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Day 5

Mixed Vegetable and Cheese Sandwich, Coffee and Fruit: 560 kcal

Fresh Homemade Smoothie: 150kcal

Nutty Chicken Penne: 370kcal

Oat Cookies: 120 cal

Tofu tacos, Vegetable sticks with dip: 300kcal


An important factor to living a healthy lifestyle is having a well-balanced diet. The nutritionist makes sure that all your meals have the correct balance and proportion as each meal is carefully studied, revised, and finalized for maximum benefit. To add to that The Goodbox PH also have special Meal Programs such as South Beach Diet, Diets for Medical Conditions / Special needs and 5-day Juice Cleanse .

Welcome to the Goodbox  (8)Here are my favorites: Vegetable Gumbo and brown rice, Mixed Vegetable and Cheese Sandwich, Tofu Tacos, Homemade Yogurt and Fresh Homemade Smoothie!


  Great, right? Who said getting healthy and fit needs to be complicated? When in Manila, make the change and book your Goodbox from The GoodboxPH now! You have 4 days left! ;)




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