Welcome to The Good Life with The Goodbox PH

I tried out a vegan and vegetarian food program before school started. (read about it here) I was physically inactive at that time so I opted to try it out. It wasn’t bad at all and it gave me realizations about living the healthy lifestyle so after that I did my best to pursue the no-meat program BUT I just couldn’t make it work. However, I did come to take the “lesser evil” route and dropped pork and beef from my diet.  I also booked another healthy diet delivery service that would make it easier for me to fulfill my no pork and beef diet. A few days after my diet, I felt better and welcomed the good and healthy life once more. So When in Manila and wanting to shift to a healthier lifestyle, go ahead and enjoy the good life from The Goodbox PH


Welcome to the Goodbox  (1)

 The Goodbox PH makes everything from scratch as much as possible so it surprised me to know that I had homemade fruit smoothie for my AM sack. It was very delicious!


I love how The Goodbox PH counts their calories and personalize a suitable diet for you. Each of us has a different body type so certain diets and exercises that work for another person may not work for you. Take note of that when you’re trying to plan an exercise for the week or plan a menu. Research is important and The Goodbox PH does all the research, cooking and delivery for you!


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Day 1

Coffee and Apple-Cinnamon Rolls: 600kcal

Grilled Ratatouille Salad: 100kcal

Persian-spiced Fish with Couscous and Mixed Vegetables: 410kcal

Baked Apple slices 90kcal

Spaghetti with Olive and Mint Pesto and Vegetables in Vinaigrette : 280kcal


The Goodbox PH has a resident nutritionist that asks for your weight, height and amount of physical activity and from there she will help you decide the perfect diet for you. They’ll also ask you to fill-out a nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire so you can state your goals and diet information needed. For me, they said that the perfect fit would be the 1500 calorie diet and since I preferred no pork and beef , they whipped up a special menu for me.


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Since I was just sitting all day long ( I know, I can explain) the right calorie count for me was 1500 kcal


I also appreciated The Goodbox PH’s delivery service because they let you chose which time of the day they’ll deliver your food. I chose the PM schedule because I leave early for my internship. 

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 Me and my first Goodbox!


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Day 2

Pesto Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Avocado , Whole wheat toast and Fruit Juice: 634 kcal

Fresh Homemade Smoothie: 150 kcal

Ginger and Lime Chicken with Brown Rice: 308 kcal

Mini Mango crepes: 90 kcal

Pasta Salad with Garlic Pesto and Prawns with Salad: 320 kcal


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Day 3

Arabian Buttered Eggs with Mint and Lemon, Fruit and Tea: 560 kcal

Fruit Yogurt: 120 kcal

Eggplant, Mint and Chili Rice with Fish and Cucumber Salad: 360 kcal

Whole Wheat Crackers and Cheese Wedge: 180kcal

Whole Wheat Wraps with Grilled Veggies, Feta and Hu and Backed Potato Chips: 280 kcal


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