Weeks After Giving Birth, Iya Villania Starts Working Out Again

Two weeks after giving birth to her fourth baby with Drew Arellano, Iya Villania is back to working out again! According to the celebrity mom, she was given the go signal by her doctor yesterday, June 18. “With my doctor’s go signal I was able to start on a light workout today,” she said.

Surprisingly, the actress already tried working out as early as two days after delivering their second child, Leon. This turned out to be a “big mistake”, she shared, as she only ended up bleeding more. She warned fellow moms who might want to work out as soon as possible, “please wait until bleeding subsides before you guys start working out again. Those who had a CS may need to wait it out a little longer before working out again.”

Even though the actress was seen doing pull-ups, she clarified that it actually was not part of her “light workout”. “I only tested out two to three SINGLE reps to see whether I still had my pulling strength (out of my own curiosity), and was pleasantly surprised to discover I still did; and posted this to celebrate that,” she explained.  “I’m in no rush to get ‘sexy’, but having prepared my body for pregnancy and having the healthiest one so far (out of the four), it’s allowed me to enjoy a faster recovery.”

The mother of four then proceeded to inspire fellow moms. “And if it’s something I can do, I know it’s something many other mamas can enjoy too! A healthy and strong mama makes a happy home. There’s nothing like being able for your family, not because you’re forcing it, but because you’ve conditioned your body and are simply able to.”

She also shared how she prevented having postpartum depression. “The fourth trimester is crucial for recovering mamas. Getting a night nurse and working out soon after delivery has been my winning combination postpartum, and has spared me from PPD. This has been my journey, and I know it’s different for others. There’s nothing I could want more for other mamas than to have a healthy and safe pregnancy.”


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Fellow celebrities also commented on her post in disbelief. Bea Alonzo wrote, “Nanganak ka ba talaga? Nakakainit ng ulo!” while Camille Prats said, “Mars, nag-iisa ka!”

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