Weekend Getaway: 5 Reasons to Visit Taal Lake, Batangas

We’ve all seen the beautiful picturesque views from Tagaytay of the world’s smallest volcano and the lake surrounding it but how many have really visted Taal Lake, When In Manila? Last weekend I got the chance to come to this beautiful lake. It wasn’t my first time but it was my first time exploring it.

We went to Taal Lake Yacht Club (they are very open for the public to use their amenities and I find that it’s an excellent place to start touring)

I’ve come to the conclusion that this lake has more to offer than just it’s beauty. Here are the 5 reasons why you should visit and what you can do:

5. Ride a boat to Taal volcano or to tour Taal Lake


This is called “Lady of the Lake” it is the boat of Lima Park Hotel in Batangas. We took a tour around Taal lake and used it for transportation as well to the other side of the lake (Lipa-Malvar Batangas) More on Lima Park Hotel in a bit.

Loved this boat. It was so fast! It was also so comfortable to ride. It was very clean and well maintained. They also follow safety protocol. I think this is the best kind of boat to use while touring Taal Lake.

If not, you can book a ride to the Taal volcano with these safe and efficient boats docked at the Taal Lake Yacht Club.



For price of the tour and other inquiries please read here.

4. To appreciate the picturesque view

If you think that Taal lake and its surroundings were beautiful from afar when you see it from the highs of Tagaytay, Cavite then you have to experience it from this distance as well. It is as magnificent especially when you catch beautiful weather. It was sunny when we went which was a great plus. We got to see the clusters of land which were mostly lava eruptions from the volcano that hardened overtime and became islands. We also saw some inhabitants though not many.






You can see Tagaytay from here

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