Weekend Getaway: 5 Reasons to Visit Taal Lake, Batangas

3.Ā Pitch a tent and try camping


This tent is directly pitched a few steps away from the lake. It was so enticing to stay at! You may rent a tent at the Taal Lake Yacht Club for around Php 400-500 a night or bring your own tents and pitch it here for only Php 100.00


The view from your tent

You may use Taal Lake Yacht Club’s rest rooms and other amenities as well.

2.Ā Bring your binoculars and go bird watching

limahotelP1690200_batchĀ As we approach clusters of land while on boardĀ the Lady of the Lake boat, we saw these magnificent birds. I was told they are Egrets (they look like small pelicans) you can also see Whiskered Terns and even Pacific Swallows.


They are usually migratory birds. Travelling from one place to another to avoid winter in their land. Though some have already resided here in Taal Lake because of the fish farms where they can easily catch fish!


These are the fish farms

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