We Asked the Ladies, “Does Size Really Matter?” and their Answers are Very…Informative

All right, all right. Let’s get down to it. *pun might be intended* Society has made us all think that when it comes to men’s *ahem* package, the end-all be-all is the big one. Movies, TV shows, and even just jokes you hear around since forever make us all believe that BIGGER is BETTER.

But…is it really always the case?

Because it seems like when you talk about it in real life with people who’ve had experience in that department, it’s looking like things are more than just black and white. So many other things factor in. We wanted to get to the bottom of it *again—pun might be intended hehe* so we asked the ladies (and gents) straight up this one, simple, intriguing question: “Does size really matter?”

And the answers, folks, are really entertaining, not to mention informative. Here’s what they have to say!

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14. “No, unless it’s a micropenis.”

– Tintin

13. “Yes. At least 5 inches above. Minimum requirement.”

– Maria

12. “Performance over size!!! There are some big Ds who can’t deliver a good performance. But some guys with average to small Ds can do great moves to compensate.”

– Ibarra

11. “Let’s not lie. It does. Buuuut, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Performance is key. Besides, there are other body parts that can be used. ???”

– Louise

10. “Sabi nga ng mommy ko, collect and collect then select. CHAROT.”

– Ayin

9. “It’s a bonus but not really! It’s how they use it. I’ve been with guys hung like horses but they have no idea how to use it. And there are plenty of things you can do in bed without using the D. Guys who don’t know this aren’t creative enough.”

– Koji

8. “Yes. Because who would want less than 5 inches???”

– Lee

7. “No, because when you truly love someone, you don’t love them for what they have, but for who they are. Physical features can be considered as bonus. I’m calling it UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.”

– Anne

6. “I’ve seen a mini-mushroom and I’ve seen an OMG-are-you-gonna-murder-me-with-that thing, and both have traumatized me. So yes. It matters.”

– Angeline

5. “It does. Because other positions requires the ‘length’. Like, If your partner’s equipment is a bit little than 5 inches, you cannot do the spooning position. So size is a bonus, really.”

– Graceeanne

4. “Let’s just say I’ve dumped a guy ‘cos he has no moves but never dumped anyone because of size. ?”

– Isa

3. “Size is a deal breaker.”

– Alvin

2. “Nope. I think big Ds are overrated. Also, anyone with big ? but don’t know how to use it, PARUSA lang.”

– Alex

1. “They say performance is more important than size, but if you take the performance variable away, size DOES matter. If I’m gonna be with a guy who doesn’t “perform” well, might as well be with a guy who has it bigger. At least ramdam mo parin.”

– Jesh

NOTE: Some responses have been edited for clarity and censorship.

What do you think? Does size matter to you? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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