We asked people when they knew they wanted to break up with their partners, this is what they said

Break-ups are never easy. Being broken up with feels awful because you’re used to the pattern of having someone to tell about your day and then remembering: Oh, right.

But for some, being the one to break up is also difficult. Maybe you reached a breaking point or you just realized you didn’t love them anymore. Either way, it’s hard. We asked some people who broke up with their significant others about the moment they knew they wanted to break up and this is what we got.

Iza Quiambao

He made a rape joke and when I was upset and crying, I still had to comfort him because getting offended made him feel like our friends didn’t like him anymore. I think that was as clear a sign as ever (and then when I was breaking up with him he confessed that he had slept with someone else so bonus points for that).


It was when I realized that I was happier without her than I was with her hahaha I got tired.


On the day I was about to undergo surgery, my then-girlfriend asked me, “Kailangan ko ba pumunta diyan?”

Karl Batungbacal

When she went to the Ariana Grande concert back in 2015 with her “best friend” I shouldn’t worry about, then tweets out “What a magical night 💕” + pics of the concert and the two of them holding hands.


By then, we haven’t been okay for months but I was having a particularly bad day because I had stuff going on at work and at home. I opened up to her about it, as she was still the only person that could make me feel better about anything, and she offered to have dinner so we could talk about it. When she arrived at the restaurant, she greeted me with “Can we make this quick? I wanna go home na, I’m not in the mood.” It made me so upset that I ended the night saying, “You know what, maybe if I start fighting for you, you’ll start fighting for me.” She never did.


When my ex asked me to hook up and I went without even thinking about my boyfriend at the time. Di ako marupok ha. I just wasn’t in love with my boyfriend anymore. I broke up with him the day after.


We couldn’t supply each other the love that we needed from each other, and when we did it just didn’t feel right anymore. In short, we expected too much from each other to the point that we fell out of love. Trying availed to nothing, there was no more room to grow as a couple anymore.

Angela Mendoza

I knew I needed to break up with my ex when he was constantly reminding me of the things I lacked without regard or trying to see that I was trying, too.

Zoe Alcazaren

After a while, he was more so in love with the idea of what he could make me. I didn’t want kids, I wasn’t Catholic and that excited him bc he thought he could change me. He was intimidated by my career and the housewife version of me was so arousing to him, even when my entire being wasn’t. That was when I realized I couldn’t be me with him anymore. And that I just couldn’t be with him anymore.


I watched the girl I loved slowly change right before my eyes, and I could not do anything about it. When it came to our relationship, a myriad of excuses were thrown into my face which made me feel that I was unimportant. I felt like I was not in her life anymore, and that I was just a warm body. She still held onto me. And whenever I would start my episodes on how I felt worthless and undeserving of her time, she would present to me, for lack of a better term, mediocre statements of love that made me cling on to little bits of hope–hope that the old flames could be rekindled, or a future that led to something even better.

I really don’t know how it happened, kasi it was just one morning that I decided that I deserved better. Maybe it built up, pero one day the deep wounds that always stinged didn’t hurt that much.


Nagcheat siya. Tapos kinwento pa niya in detail. Tapos gusto pa niya makipag-ano. Sabi pa niya friend lang niya yung guy so kampante talaga ako.


I realized I wanted to break up with him when I felt that he wasn’t really as serious about me as I thought, and at the same time, I realized I was still in love with my previous boyfriend when I saw him slow-dancing with his prom date.


The night before we broke up, we got into a really big fight. It came to a point that we started talking about breaking up and letting each other go. He’d say “When we break up…” as if he knew for sure that it was going to happen.

That night as I cried my eyes out, I came across a jar of notes he had given me for our anniversary. He had written down a bunch of small but meaningful memories on pieces of paper, rolled them up, and stuck them in a jar. The memories ranged from “our phone calls”, “getting to know your family”, “all of our dinners”, to even “our fights”, and more. Each note even came with a sweet retelling of what exactly went down, and how it brought us together. I realized that a lot had changed, and we were no longer content just being together. Basically, we lost the friendship in the romance.

It was hard to admit because we had gone through hell and back just to be together, and it was even harder knowing I wasn’t just ending a romance, but I was letting one of my best friends go. The next day, I let him read all the memories in the jar, and that’s when he understood.


I figured out I was wasting so much of my life and things would never get better but I couldn’t leave because he would threaten me or degrage me any chance he could to the point that I started developing feelings for someone else. Finally figured out I didn’t have to keep punishing myself and that I’ve been incredibly unhappy ages ago and that I deserved better. Had to fall for someone else before I accepted the fact that I really wasn’t happy anymore and wanted better for myself.

I think the clearest memory I have of our worst moments before we broke up was how he was arguing with me about something petty in public while we were with my mom and sister, and I told him to just put it off till later cause I didn’t want my family to think badly of him, and he threatened to yell at me and cause a scene (literally his words) if I didn’t let him leave, so I did and he legit stormed off without even saying goodbye to my family.

Countless times he would call me a bitch or even straight out tell me that no one would ever love me because I make everyone around me miserable. He even punched a hole through our wall once. Stuck with that for pretty much half a decade. Incredibly thankful that I got out of it because I still get nightmares about how horrible it was.

It wasn’t a clean breakup at all, had to block him because he would keep messaging at random moments to spew toxic shit at me. Almost got back together again because of all the threats but he went too far and called me up once threatening to shoot himself over the phone (we had to call the police and keep him on the line during the whole thing) I realized he would keep doing that shit for the rest of our lives if I stayed so I finally blocked him everywhere. I did wrong definitely but I never deserved any of that treatment.

Jesh Orquina

I broke up with my high school sweetheart when I realized I was in love with my college blockmate.


I knew I wanted to break up with my ex when we would fight and I didn’t care if we fixed it or not and this went on for months.


I realized that I wanted to break up with my boyfriend when he totally forgot our 2nd anniversary.


I had to break up with him na talaga when Valentine’s came and I got so annoyed that he sent roses (two layers: one, i really don’t like roses and it showed that he didn’t know enough about me; two, if i still loved him I would’ve been okay and not annoyed anyways!).


I knew I was ready to break up with her when I realized how far apart we had gotten and how easily we let it happen. We were also holding each other back in allowing the other to grow, especially so early in college. Tbh I realized we could have talked more thoroughly about it and could have fixed the relationship, but I was so young and my mind isn’t what it is now. Would’ve taken her back but shes with someone else now.

Jam Dimaiwat

When I commuted to Manila so we could talk then we were arguing in the middle of the road at around 11pm in a sketchy part of Manila (no idea where I was cause we walked for a while) then I turned around and he wasn’t there anymore cause he apparently got into a cab and decided to go drinking with a girl he recently got close to. So he left me there in the middle of nowhere at midnight so I fainted for the first time ever. But he apologized so my stupid ass stayed for 9 more months but everything started going downhill from there.

Also when he and his blockmates were making manyak their other blockmate through chat. I told him to apologize ta’s sabi niya “why? I didn’t start it” then I gave him a deadline so he said he did but a while later he admitted he never apologized.


When you know that you’re already falling apart and she starts making things worse by trying to hit you. Because of my “flirty” behavior (not flirty, I was raised with a lot of women so I grew comfortable around them), she tried to beat me up and threaten me.

Nikki Batungbacal

I saw that I was ready to break up with someone when I saw myself moving on from them while I was still with them. It wasnt big drastic changes, it was the small things like not texting them good night or good morning, not wanting to see them even if I had the time, using my phone more than speaking to that person when we were together. I felt like love wasn’t enough anymore to justify staying with him. Yes, I still loved the person but like I said, I was moving on while we were together. I was allowing myself to leave this person behind which should never be the case in any relationship. A relationship is something you work on and when you choose to stop working on it, stop pursuing it, then you have to leave. It even came to the point that when we did break up, I didnt feel any remorse or pain for leaving because I knew I have left that person behind waaaaay before I even said good bye.


When he said he cheated. 5 relationships with 5 different girls within the 1 and a half year na we were together. And he also said: “I don’t think I ever loved you talaga.” One time also he saw me jogging with a guy friend then started a fire outside my house.

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