We asked people what their biggest regret of 2018 was and here are their answers

One of the hardest parts of the year is looking back and thinking about everything that went badly. But it’s also one of the most important ones. To grow as people, we have to acknowledge our faults and what we did wrong — with the intent to do better, of course.

The very first part to doing so is in recognizing the pain. Because that’s what regrets are all about, right? The painful wish that you had done something else, that you had said the right thing, that you had pushed yourself just a little bit harder.

So we asked the WIM Squad on Facebook what their biggest regret of 2018 was. Some were bitter, some were sweet, but most of all, they were honest. And I think if we have to owe just one thing to ourselves, it’s the grace of honesty.

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15.It would have to be letting my dreams stay memes. I don’t pursue what I want to do or what I think I have potential in cause I’m either lazy or scared.” 
14. “One of the biggest regrets I have for 2018 is not breaking up with my boyfriend sooner. I didn’t like the person I became with him. I lost sight of my identity and my own personal value through all the long fights, late night stress, and irretrievable tears.” 
13. “Spending energy caring about some people who I realized aren’t gonna learn no matter how much you help them.”  
12. “My biggest regret of 2018 was not focusing on myself. I was the kind of person that gave too much and kept so little for myself. I was the embodiment of the phrase “you’re too kind for your own good”, that’s why this coming 2019 I will focus more on me and will hope that adding light to my shine will lead to the enlightenment of others. ” – Jillian 
11. “I wish I gave you a shot before saying ‘no’.” 
10. “My biggest regret is falling for you when I should’ve known better.” 
9. “I feel terrible for not crying, for feeling numb while you leave this world. We weren’t close and there’s family drama there, but you’re still family. I regret not feeling much of anything.” 
8. “Investing my time in the wrong things. Sometimes we pour ourselves in one thing just to realize it was a waste in the end.” 
7. “Not putting enough effort into things. I forgot that we don’t always get second chances so sometimes — this is it. But you don’t now that this is it so you treat it like it’s any other time.” 
6. “I was good to the wrong person.” – Adavieve
5. “Giving my time and attention to the wrong people and not realizing how toxic [they] can be.” – Alexa 
4. “Not spending much time with significant relatives (time is the best gift you can give to your loved ones talaga). I lost close relatives this year.” -Rae
3.  “I guess my biggest regret was trying. Everyone always has this notion that it’s better to try than to not know at all but sometimes you try too much. Opportunities are supposed to have costs; you can’t have it all. I guess the biggest pain of it all was trying too hard and failing.” 
2. “I regret not trying harder to be a better partner — I feel I didn’t listen enough; I didn’t love enough. I was so caught up in my thoughts and desires, I forgot to be a more selfless person to the one who needed kindness the most.”
1. “I want to confidently say that I have no regrets for this year because when I look back and reflect, I am taken aback to all the wonderful memories and adventures I have built my life upon. I live for the days that make me grow and thrive as a human being, may it be good or bad I’ve learned to trust, accept and own my journey.”  

*Responses with no names are from those who chose to be anonymous.

Do you have any regrets this 2018? Share your thoughts and pains with us in the comments!