We Asked KathNiel for Love Advice and Here’s What They Said: “Chill lang”

Words by Matthew Mendiola
Photos by Meghan Sevilla

It’s no secret that Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are not only lovers on reel, but also partners in real life. And that’s what makes their loveteam so appealing—the chemistry. Everything about Kathniel is so genuine.

In their latest film, The Hows of Us, the story depicts the challenges faced by a young couple with different aspirations. This is their third feature film with Director Cathy-Garcia Molina, but as Kathryn pointed out, unlike previous movies they’ve worked on, The Hows of Us has the perfect blend of emotions. It has elements of rom-com and drama, all fused together in a story that is realistic and relatable. She said that it’s all about balance in this film.


The film was definitely a challenge for the powerhouse couple. Of course, they enjoyed shooting the lighter moments on set (Kathryn said that the sofa featured in the teaser trailer will play a huge part in the film), but the heavier moments were more difficult to execute. Daniel said that he would even make himself deliberately “bad trip” as a way of psyching himself up for the more emotional scenes. “Nakakabaliw siya,” the actor said.

Kathniel said that being a couple in real life did help them play their roles, but that they make sure to draw a line between their on-screen tandem and their real-life relationship. It’s important, as Kathryn said, that aside from being workmates, they make time for each other as a couple.

The pair knew they were meant for each other, when Daniel would visit Kathryn’s house kahit wala siyang pamasahe. The pair laughed as they reminisced the times Daniel would have to figure out how to get home after dates.


Daniel said that he and Kathryn always go on adventures. Traveling is something they enjoy, and they were happy to have gone to Amsterdam to shoot parts of The Hows of Us. Daniel said that it’s always fun to discover something new with Kathryn, “Mas nafi-feel mo kapag pareho kayong nasa unknown na lugar. Mas nafi-ifeel mo ang partnership.”

When asked how they keep their relationship strong, Daniel said that they manage to stick together through thick and thin because they have a goal as a couple. “Kapag may partner ka na, hindi na lang ikaw. Dalawa na kayo. Hindi lang siya para sa kilig. Malaki siyang responsibilidad,” Daniel said.



According to Kathniel, you’ll never know when you’re ready for a relationship until you get into one, but once you do, you have to be ready for the commitment it entails. Daniel stressed, however, that there’s no need to rush into a relationship. When asked for advice on love, this is what the actor shared: Pwede mo naman ibigay ang time sa sarili mo. Hindi siya minamadali.” You have to relax. Hayaan mo muna ang sarili mo, but kung ma-inlove ka, bitawan mo ang sarili mo”.

And, most importantly, he said, “chill lang.”

The Hows of Us is now out in theaters nationwide. Daniel and Kathryn promise fans that Primo and George will be their best roles yet. Watch the trailer below: