How To Treat Top Hair Problems With These 10 Secret Hair Wonders

When In Manila, your hair is a very important part of your total look and may as well be your ultimate fashion accessory. But what if you are faced with the reality of hair that is dry & damaged, thinning, dull, and out of control? You’ve tried dozens of hair products to give you the gorgeous hair you see on billboards, magazines or even just to look decent for a day. Sometimes what your mother, tita or friend may have recommended just wouldn’t work for you anymore.

Thanks to these undiscovered hair products, new ingredients and technology that was once limited to expensive salons are now available to you easily, almost anywhere – in any Watson’s store.  Check out which product can be your Hair Hero.


For Thinning Hair

Heads up mostly to men out there (and a few women too who have this problem). It’s like losing your glory days when your hair gets thinner and you start getting that bald spot. I know a guy who takes a selfie of the top of his head just to see updates of his fading crowning glory.


10. Hair Fix Miracle Hair Fiber (for men and women) is probably the quickest fix to boosting your hair confidence. It intrigued me so much that I had to try it on Mr. Anonymous.


In just a little less than 5 minutes I was able to dab some Miracle Hair Fiber, Locking Hair Spray and …



… Voila! The before and after.


Looks ten years younger! And it looks so natural too. Within an hour I was able to talk to two more balding men who saw Mr. Anonymous and couldn’t wait to get to Watsons to get the product.

For Slow Hair Growth

Similar to thinning hair on a milder level is having hair you wish was fuller. Or something along the lines of having a disaster haircut and all you want to do is to grow it out quick.

9. Aloe Derma hair & Scalp Tonic is made exclusively from 99.8% certified organic Aloe Vera. Most of us have grown to know Aloe from our parents/grandparents (backed up also by research labs) as an effective hair grower. The difference of this, from the old-school ones is that it doesn’t leave that sticky mess, its no fuss and easy to use. Contains enzymes to help revitalise the hair and scalp to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.


For Dry Hair

Blame it on our tropical weather, the smog, hormones and too many chemicals we put on our hair, we are sometimes plainly left with dry hair. I love how exotic oils are slowly taking up the scene in hair care.

8. Hair Vitamin Morocco Argan. It is composed of Argan, which is one of the most stable and unique oils. Argan oil presents an exceptional percentage of essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and F. These ingredients ensure the function of repair and defense of the skin & face and makes your hair healthy, shiny and smooth.


It comes in break-off capsules that you apply throughout damp hair.

It can also be used on your body after a bath.

7. AloeDerma Shampoo & Conditioner. It’s made of organic aloe that effectively cleans hair & scalp, deeply moisturises from hair to tip and strengthens hair naturally.


For Damaged Hair

I just came from a hair disaster a few months ago where my hair got fried and I will not mention the name of that forsaken place that will probably close down soon 🙂

So to do some firefighting and reviving, these interesting new products will do the work,

6. Moist Dianne Shampoo and Treatment

There is a new generation of cleansing oils and thats the “magical oil” Moroccan Argan Oil which cleans deeply without the greasy feel. It uses Ion Complex Technology which repairs from the core.

Cuticles on the damaged hair are suppressed from lifting up to achieve silky, smooth, healthy-looking hair.

The “Tree of Life” Baobab Oil is extracted by cold-pressing the fruit seed of the baobab tree. The seeds contain high amounts of rare oil which works as an excellent hair moisturiser.


The Moist & Shine Shampoo is formulated for long damaged hair and contains Apple Stem Cells to prolong hair’s natural life cycle and reduce hair loss. The Moist & Shine Treatment (Conditioner) has baobab oil that deeply nourishes and repairs damaged hair. Aside from the precious blend of Argan oil, Moist Diane also has the following oils in it : Cupuacu, Mango Seed Extract, Marula Oil and Lupine Oil.

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