WATCH: Workmates Make Hilarious ‘Ghost Fighter’ Parody

We spend most of our days in the office to werk, werk, werk, werk, werk. And sometimes the 8-hour workdays get the best of us. But, thankfully, when you’re with awesome and creative office buddies, there are many ways to spice up your regular office hours. Take this group of trainers, for example. With only a bunch of wigs, cardboards, and a lot of conviction, they’d whipped up this super benta video:

What 90s kid or true-blue anime lover doesn’t love Ghost Figher (Yu Yu Hakusho)? Tell me Eugene, Alfred, Dennis, and Vincent weren’t your ultimate #squadgoals when you were a kid (maybe even now; no judging *wink wink*). Now let me see if I can make my When In Manila family do something like this.

What’s the best Anime Opening Title Sequence for you?