15 Personalities You’ll Meet in Philippine-based Call Centers

With millions of Filipinos directly employed in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, it’s not really a surprise that call centers make for such a dynamic working environment. And with the BPO industry being one of the highest-paying in the country, it’s also no wonder that more and more Pinoy are clamoring to make a career as an agent or a TL.

If you’re one of these aspirants, we bet you could use a bit of information about this diverse industry — an insider’s tip, if you will. Don’t you worry, we have just that! We made a list of 15 types of people you’ll most likely encounter in call centers here in the Philippines. We also bet some of you can identify with some of them!

15. The Panday

The Panday is the newbie who is eager to learn the delicate ins and outs of the trade. They are usually nervous and stutter their way out of a spiel, but give them a couple of weeks and — just like the humble metal worker — they’ll be honing their skills to a point so sharp, they’ll be able to cut you with it. 


This except with a headset instead of a sword

14. The FAMAS Best Actress/Actor

From heartbreak tales to bedroom stories, the FAMAS Best Actress/Actor holds nothing back. Their lives are full of drama, it’s like you’ve unwittingly subscribed into a sappy teleserye


Their flare for the dramatics and TMI, however, makes them highly convincing during outbound calls. Pang-FAMAS! They are also the first ones to empathize with you when your life makes you feel like a character in a stage play.

13. The Walking Fashion Magazine

Whenever the Walking Fashion Magazines are around, you can’t help but feel like your browsing the latest issue of your favorite trend publication.


And because the BPO workplace is basically a runaway, their #OOTDs — even when a little bit outrageous — are something to look forward to. Plus, more often than not, they are also rocking your #hairgoal! Kainggit!

12. The Ilaw ng Palapag/Haligi ng Palapag

You know how we Filipinos refer to our nanay and tatay as ilaw ng tahanan (light of the home) and haligi ng tahanan (foundation of the home), respectively? You know how BPO employees refer to the area-where-the-show-happens as the “Floor”? (“Floor” in Tagalog is palapag.)


Combine those two concepts and you get the Ilaw ng Palapag/Haligi ng Palapag — the parental figures of the BPO industry which make call centers feel like a home away from home. They give you advice — both professional and personal. They even bring you home-cooked meals when you’ve been a good employee.

11. The Uma-AlDub

Just like the popular love team, the Uma-AlDub is a couple who met on the Floor, got together, and is each other’s inspiration to perform excellently. They induce so much kilig from co-workers, they can start their own palapagserye. 


Their interactions are basically like this all the time.

10. The Haggardo Versoza

*lights flicker*

*sad music plays*

*a dark cloud looms*

*deep sighs and heavy shuffling steps*

*Haggardo Versoza walks in looking miserable as usual but manages to complete a shift with no major mishap*


When you ask a Haggardo Versoza to smile

9. The May Sariling Mundo

You’ll immediately spot the May Sariling Mundo: a trove of the latest gadgets and a propensity to skulk in a corner away from muggles. They are superb with tech-related stuff, though, and greatly enjoys co-browsing with costumers!


The May Sariling Mundo horde (may vary)

8. The Beastmode

The Beastmode is always “high-blood” and is often in a screaming-match-to-the-death with irate customers.


They are always in need of a calming presence, so if ever you find yourself beside a Beastmode, do the whole Universe a favor and help them find some chill.

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