Teleserye 101: You Can Now Study Teleseryes in Ateneo

Teleserye 101: You Can Now Study Teleseryes in Ateneo


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What was your favorite teleserye (soap opera) growing up? Was it the dramatic Mara Clara? Or was it the catty Pangako Sa ‘Yo? Of course, most millennials would choose Be Careful With My Heart, the comedy about a maid who ends up with her boss.

While watching teleserye may be just a pastime for many of us, you can actually put it to good use. Ateneo de Manila University is now offering the elective The Philippine Teleserye, under the Literature course. Under the class, you can study Philippine TV classics like Mara Clara, Annaliza, and Maria Flordeluna, and more contemporary shows like Be Careful. The class also studies common TV formula, like mysterious deaths, explosions, and family drama. Unsurprisingly, the class is a hit. The 35 spots available for the class were quickly taken.

However, some people reacted negatively to the news, saying that it’s worthless and a waste of money. But Professor Louie John Sanchez, who teaches the class, believes that it is a reflection of our culture. Who knew that bus explosions, getting switched at birth, and cancelled weddings were part of the culture? But this is an exciting class we’d love to sign up for! We can only imagine the midterms (Number 1: Who is Mara’s real mother?) and presentations (Demonstrate Princess Punzalan’s laugh).

Watch the whole report below:



Will you take this class? What teleserye would you love to study? Share them below!


Teleserye 101: You Can Now Study Teleseryes in Ateneo

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