10 Quotes From The 90s Cartoons That Got A Little Too Real In Life

One of my favorite things that came from the 90s are the cartoons. I was born in 1995 and since most of these cartoons were aired a bit later in the Philippines, I still remember watching all of them. However, I am just realizing now how these shows were more than just cartoons to occupy our young selves’ attention for a few hours. As a child, we had no idea these lines said by these characters would eventually be relevant to our lives in the future.

So here are 10 quotes from the 90s cartoons that got a little too real as life progressed.

10. When Arnold’s bestfriend Gerald hit us with the hard reality of life.

10 Quotes From 90s Cartoons (1)

9. When Buttercup exposed the simple truth about cleaning.

10 Quotes From 90s Cartoons (2)

8. Well, Slappy was described as “grumpy, bitter, cranky, and elderly” so yeah, that’s just typical advice from her.

10 Quotes From 90s Cartoons (4)

7. When Angelica warned us what “adult life” is all about.

10 Quotes From 90s Cartoons (5)

6. When Doug reminded us not to overthink all the time.

10 Quotes From 90s Cartoons (3)

5. Daria had so many “quotable quotes” that it was hard to choose just one. So obviously I settled with something that has“pizza” in it.

10 Quotes From 90s Cartoons (8)

4. When Blossom gave us the most important advice of our childhood.

10 Quotes From 90s Cartoons (9)

3. When Ginger’s mom, Lois reminded us that “nobody’s perfect” way before Hannah Montana did.

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2. When Tommy spoke the true-st of all truths.

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And lastly..

1. When you thought this quote came from Confucius or Buddha or other great philosophers, but no it came from Mewtwo.

10 Quotes From 90s Cartoons (10)

I know Spongebob Squarepants isn’t exactly 90s, so I just added this Squidward quote as bonus because #walangforever

10 Quotes From 90s Cartoons (11)

What was your favorite?

Do you still remember any quotes from your favorite childhood cartoons?

Comment below!

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