WATCH: Vandal Writes “Obama Not Welmo”… WHAT?

WATCH Vandal Writes Obama Not Welmo WHAT

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit is only a few days away, and Filipinos are already feeling the APECs of it, whether it’s through traffic or the class and work suspensions. Some are happy to get the extra days off, while others are frustrated because it means cancelled flights, traffic, and general inconvenience.

However, some are not happy for political reasons. They may not support the platforms of the visiting state leader. But this guy, we’re not sure what he’s trying to fight. This video of a vandal, captured by a netizen., is gaining viral status because of a spelling mistake.

The video starts with “Obama not welmo” already written on a bridge. He soon realizes his mistake and tries to correct it, but it was already indistinguishable.

We’re guessing he was trying to write “Obama not welcome”?

Watch the video below: