Two Filipino Divers Score ZERO at SEA Games: Video Goes Viral

No matter what, we’re 100% supportive of our brothers who have worked so hard to represent our country. It was sad to see the mistakes that happened at the recent SEA games, that caused not one, but two Filipino divers to score ZEROES on their attempts. 

See the video below.

Screenshots of the video and memes have also been shared among netizens across different countries.

SEA Games 1

SEA Games 2

People were divided with their reactions. Some netizens poked fun at the incident while others praised the “Filipino spirit.” When the contestants were still able to high-five each other despite their defeat, some saw this as strength while others saw this as them not caring about the magnitude of the event. Others commented that sharing the video and poking fun at the incident were tantamount to cyber bullying. Meanwhile, others suggested looking at the bigger picture: they praised the contestants for the bravery to represent the country despite the possible lack of resources and proper training, and hoped that Filipinos would be more supportive to them.

JD Pahoyo, one of the divers in the video, commented on Facebook and tagged his fellow diver. He wrote:

I even laughed at myself after i did this dive hehe. but after all this was not the first time i failed a dive, and i was not the first one who did so. And I am still proud because not all of us has the privilege to represent our own country to sucha big sporting event like this. And by the way can i ask all of you if you can still smile after getting embarrassed in front of thousands of people? hehe just asking, right? John Fabriga?

We aren’t sure about what happened, but we hope these Pinoy athletes get back up and prove their doubters wrong. Hopefully, this event would make them better and would shed light on the needs of the athletes who represent our country.

What about you? What do you think of this video and of the people’s reactions?

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