WATCH: Touching Music Video Celebrates Pinoy Everyday Heroes

“Dumadaloy sa ating dugo ang dugong bayani.” (Flowing through our veins is the blood of the hero.)

The video opens with this line, quoting 2009 CNN Hero of the Year, Efren Penaflorida. Released by Ginebra San Miguel as an ode to Philippines’ unsung heroes, the nationalistic music video, titled “Isang Tagay sa Tapang ng Pilipino” (A toast to the brave Filipino), gained over a million views in the first few days after posting. To date, the video has over 2.6 million views on YouTube alone. Netizens and loyal fans of Ginebra, gushed about the video in their comments and on social media, with some saying that they can really feel the heart of the song.

And the song, like the entire video, really does tug at the heartstrings. Titled “Tagay” or cheers, the video’s theme song was written and performed by Filipino rapper, Quest. It sings of the innate resiliency of the Filipinos and their courage to push through any adversity, whether in their daily struggles or in times of disasters.

Complementing Quest’s riveting song lyrics are clips of Filipinos hard at work, showing everyone’s different stories, jobs, circumstances, and struggles, but ultimately united by one common goal—for a better tomorrow.

Ginebra San Miguel Everyday Heroes

Who are the everyday Filipino heroes?

Who do you think of when you hear the word “hero”? Do you automatically think of extraordinary men and women with superpowers, like those ones we see in the movies, or do you have someone else in mind?

“In this country, the everyday heroes are the unsung ones; and frankly, they are the best ones. They are also the ones who give and give and give; the ones who sacrifice, oftentimes forgetting themselves for the ones they love. They are the ones with an attitude that says “Never Say Die”. Maybe you don’t realize it, but you see them, talk to them, dream with them every day. You don’t even have to look far—maybe you are an unsung hero, too.

The qualities of the Filipino everyday hero are simple—they are brave, selfless, hard-working, and, above all, hopeful. They truly believe that with every sacrifice they make for their families and loved ones, comes a reward—a potential of a better future. They are your mothers and fathers, your brothers and sisters, your teachers, your friends at work. They are the OFWs, sacrificing being away from their families every day just to provide. They are the determined employees, every day braving the harsh streets and terrible city traffic to earn a living. They are the fishermen and farmers who harvest your food; they are the soldiers, volunteers, and social workers who step up to the plate in times of national crises. They are the athletes, artists and entertainers who bring pride to our country with their success. Heroes are everywhere, doing acts of selflessness everyday, big and small. They could even be you.

Ginebra San Miguel Everyday Heroes

Tagay ng Ganado sa Buhay

Throughout the years, one brand has remained a constant companion and aid towards the fulfillment of dreams of the Filipinos. In the simple celebrations of life, dreams, and hardwork, Ginebra San Miguel has always been at the center—that drink that brings passionate Pinoys together, and gives them the fuel to forge on and continue working towards their dreams. After all, we are a country of people who are always grateful; and at the end of the day, Pinoys deserve a hearty toast to a good life—“isang tagay para sa mga ganado sa buhay.”

How about you? Who is your personal every day hero and why? We’d like to know—tell us in the comments!

Ginebra San Miguel

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