WATCH: This Video Will Make You Want To Visit Caramoan ASAP!

I’m sure you’ve heard of this place in the Philippines called Caramoan from blogs, travel websites and your traveler friends.

Caramoan is located in the province of Camarines Sur in the Bicol Region. Blessed with exquisite natural beauty, it’s a popular travel destination for those who are up for a little adventure on the road (or shall we say, sea?).

Want to see a bit of its beauty? Well, we’re sure you’ll instantly make up your mind about filing your vacation leaves because this video will make you want to travel to Caramoan as soon as possible!

As seen on the video, when in Caramoan, you may enjoy island and beach-hopping at Lahus Island, Matukad Island, Guinahoan Island and Cotivas Island where you can also swim and snorkel around. Don’t forget to visit the Sohoton River, as well!

Aside from water activities, you may also camp for as long as you bring your own equipment, trek, visit churches and explore around to enjoy Caramoan at its best!

Would you also like to visit Caramoan soon? Tell us in the comments.


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