WATCH: This Video Will Make You Want to Say “Thank You” to Your Mom Right Now

Before this past Mother’s Day, when was the last time you said “thank you” to your mom? Well, if you didn’t for a while, this video might make you want to see your mom right away, give her the biggest hug, and tell her, “Thank you po.” This is what it did to me!

A video telling a Pinoy mother’s story was posted on Facebook a few days before Mother’s Day, and within two weeks garnered over a million views. As of writing, the video now has 1.3 million views, 24K reactions, and over 2.5K shares. And the comments section is overflowing with comments of viewers sharing their own heartfelt mom stories.

mothers day orocan tibay ni nanay #tibayninanay

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And it really isn’t surprising that the public has responded this way. The video, titled Tibay ni Nanay, shows us the story of Nanay Lourdes Mendoza, a hardworking wife and a mother of three. In her childhood, Nanay Lourdes suffered from epilepsy, but her inherent strength and “tibay” got her through the condition. And now, as a mother, Nanay Lourdes works four jobs just to help provide for her family. Her children, three young ladies, even express their gratitude for their mother’s unconditional love, even though times she doesn’t approve of their actions. There really aren’t many things in life greater than a mother’s love for her family.

Watch the touching video here:

Like many of the netizens who felt moved by the video and shared stories of their moms’ selfless acts of love, I, too, found myself relating to Nanay Lourdes’ story. It made me think about my own mama, who I can honestly say is the strongest and bravest person I know. The tibay she has shown through all of life’s trials has never failed to impress me, and I continue to look up to her more and more each day. I can only wish to be as strong and as graceful as her facing life’s challenges when I, too, become a mother myself.

And when I saw this video, I instantly recalled all those times my mama has shown tibay. When she sacrificed her own comfort and happiness for our family, especially for me and my sister. It made me want to text her right away and tell her, “thank you for everything!” (I did. We talk everyday.<3 )

mothers day orocanMy mom

From the moment we first opened our eyes, to our first steps, to our first words, and the million other milestones that came after, they were there. At every high and every low of our lives, they have supported us, protected us, and loved us with no question. This Mother’s Day, Orocan celebrates the strength and dependability of all our Nanays, Inas, Moms, and Mamas. Nothing really compares with the #TibayNiNanay.

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