WATCH: This Travel Video Will Make You Want To File A Vacation Leave

With over 7,107 islands, the number of breathtaking spots and must-try activities that our country can offer is no longer a surprise. It’s not a question of “Where do I go?” but more of “Where to next?” because you will never run out of nooks to explore here in the Philippines.

For those who are still skeptical about traveling locally and are blinded by the thought that vacations are way better spent overseas, here’s a travel video created by Mhel Turdanes that will make you change your mind. Watch this and see for yourself.

From dipping in crystal clear waters, walking in white sand beaches, climbing lush green mountains, hopping from one island to another and whatnot, our very own local destinations won’t let you down. Not only that, when we support our own, we get to help our fellow Filipinos’ small businesses and improve their sources of income. 

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