WATCH: This Travel Video Of Sagada Will Make You Fall More In Love With The Place

We all fell in love with the town of Sagada a few years back when it became the hiding (and healing) place of broken hearts as shown to us by Antoinette Jadaone’s That Thing Called Tadhana. It became the place “where broken hearts go.” But if we all needed reminding, Sagada isn’t just for the broken-hearted.

This is what Eka Gomez pointed out through her amazing travel video on the town. She shared with the WIM Squad this beautiful and heart-warming video of her trip to Sagada. Note that it’s not your usual travel video with the aesthetic shots and artsy transitions, even though it’s actually a visual feast. I’d call this a short film with Sagada as its main character.

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Check out the video and get ready to fall in love with Sagada all over again:

I particularly loved how it genuinely aimed to turn Sagada away from the usual association to broken hearts because, truly, Sagada is so much more than that. I loved how this particular video was able to show us the inner beauties of Sagada–the people, the culture, and the little things that make it what it is.

BRB, going to Sagada.

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