WATCH: This Travel Video of Myanmar Will Make You Want to Explore its Culture

Through social media and all those travel sites and articles, we easily see pictures of the beautiful pagodas of Myanmar, the hot air balloons soaring off into the sky at sunrise, and the different attractions and landscapes the country has to offer. It has become a favorite among travelers as Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a country so rich in culture and history. And let’s face it, it’s beautiful.

But beauty can’t be based solely on what you can find on the surface. Often times, in traveling, beauty is what you find when you are not looking, but understanding. Understanding the place, the culture, the way of life, the people. It is about humbling yourself and observing; constantly observing and then learning.

That is how this travel video, created by Sarah Pretelli, is different from the ones we usually see. Here, what is highlighted is not just the attractions. The focus here is in the life of Myanmar. It’s everyday courses and it’s people.

This video has inspired me, and I can only hope that it does the same to you, too.

Watch it here:

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