WATCH: This Moving Dance Performance Shows the New Reality in Relationships

It’s sad that technology and social media now plays a dynamic role in relationships, but that’s one of the curses (or blessings, depending on how you look at it) that living in the modern age has brought us.

In a world where daily routines have made us dependent on technology, our eyes and hands have become prisoners of our devices most of the day. With this, do we still remember to look up and simply be…present? Do we still remember to pause and look at that person who’s been with us all along and just say, “hey, I appreciate you”?

WATCH: This Lights and Dance Performance in America’s Got Talent Earned a Golden Buzzer

Keone and Mari, contenders in the American television show and dance competition World of Dance, play exactly on these themes. In one of their most recent performances, the pair take the stage each with a mobile phone in hand, and conduct a dance that tells of a touching love story many of us will probably relate to.

Watch the performance below:

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