This Lights and Dance Performance in America’s Got Talent Earned a Golden Buzzer

“This should be interesting,” Howie Mandel can be heard seeing at the start of the clip, just before the performers took over the stage during the America’s Got Talent auditions. Turns out, interesting was the least adjective you would want to use after you’ve seen the dance group’s performance.

Light Balance, a group of dancers from the Ukrain, specializes in incorporating light technology in their performances. And it is mind blowing. The show’s host, Tyra Banks, thought so, too. “Was this not incredible?” She said. “Like, crazy good. It blew my mind good. I feel you guys so, so much.” The supermodel-host was clearly so impressed by Light Balance that she then proceeded to the judges’ table, and hit that golden buzzer that would send the group straight to the live shows.

Watch the electrifying performance here:

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