WATCH: Little Girl Belting “My Heart Will Go On” is the Inspiration You Need Today

So here’s the story.

Celine Tam and her little sister Dion are named after Celine Dion. Celine (Tam), who dreams of being the next Celine (Dion), discovered her passion for singing when she learned to sing Celine’s (Dion) song. So Celine (Tam) went to America’s Got Talent equipped with her Celine (Dion) song to fulfill her Celine (Dion) dreams. Got that?

Seriously. It’s a whole lot of Celines, but watching this nine-year-old girl belt out “My Heart Will Go On” will make you believe that this has always been her destiny. To be named after the legend, develop a passion for singing, and to be standing in front of that crowd singing her idol’s song so beautifully.

Watch the audition here:

Way to go, Celine (Tam)!

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